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Sampler Village Summer Fun Lavishly Samplicious Box

This is Sampler Village's Lavishly Samplicious Summer Fun box- every Villager for the month is represented.All text in peach comes from the seller's description. Any promotions available are listed as well. My video review to follow tomorrow! (Give a gal a break, eh? )

Update: here's the video

Summer Fun Lucky Charm from Pernilla's Something Swedish
I wish it had scanned better- this charm is absolutely stunning!

Unscented Body Butter with Organic Sage and White Ginger-Body Frosting from Strawberry Tops Spa Shoppe

Soybean and Coconut oil superbly blended for the perfect fluffy finish. Perfect for dry, cracked heels, hands elbows and knees. Cornstarch adds the perfect finishing touch for a cornsilk finish!!!! Topped with organic rubbed sage and organic white ginger for the perfect harmonious blend. All natural and unscented DOESN"T mean UN-sexy...Feel good, feel beautiful, FEEL SEXY.

Buy 1 get 1 offer- purchase one item and at checkout enter the name of the 2nd item in notes to seller and include coupon code SVDiscount

Sparkly hair clip from Claire's Closet unfortunately I wore it before taking it's picture and took a nap with it on and apparently got some foundation on it. Oops! Use discount code MP20 at checkout to receive 20% off!

La Dolce Vita provided a soy tart melt in Sweet Pea and Whipped Sugar Scrub in a version of Pink Sugar


Foaming Body Scrub
Scented in PINK SUGAR TYPE a fruity blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam.

Comes in a 16 oz plastic jar with white lid.

Available in many different fragrances just ask!

Exfoliate your dry dull winter skin.

Our Foaming Sugar Scrub is loaded with pure cane sugar and enriched with moisturizing Shea Butter and topped with lots of sugar sprinkles.

This foaming scrub has a rich and creamy consistency and will leave your skin clean, soft and moisturized.

The Soap Addict provides Oatmeal, Lavender & Honey soap.


A classic, subtle scent with ground oatmeal and shea butter for a luxuriously soft and moisturizing shower. A customer favorite – even the guys will love it!

Approximate bar size = 4 oz.

ALL of my products are completely free of:
Artificial fragrance
Artificial color

Ingredients: olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, avocado oil, shea butter, ground oats, honey, lavender essential oil Mention sampler village in the notes to seller and receive a free goody with your order!

Lavender Greetings handmade birthday card. 30% off any order with code Sampler30

KopyKatAromatics sent in 2 perfume sample vials of their super concentrated fragrance copies, 1 in Seraph and one in a mystery fragrance 'cause the fist part of the name rubbed off :-(
Islander, maybe?

Flower bouquet wine charm from SunMoonStars


Customized favors for Weddings, dinner parties, rehearsal dinners, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, birthday parties, anniversaries or any festive event.
Can also be used as seating or place cards.

Please contact me and include your email address, approximate number of charms needed, and date needed.

We work together to create your unique personalized party favors.

A sample of Paradise Essentials' Garden Path soap comes with a "buck back" offer. say Sampler Village at checkout and get a crisp new single tucked into your order!


Garden path scented handmade cold processed soap.

This soap is handmade not melt and pour, using the cold process method. Bars are 4.5 oz and over, largest to go first.

This batch was made from scratch using a special formula of lye and a specific weight of calculated oils to provide lots of lather and lots of mildness. Raw ingredients were used the old fashioned way. These bars retain their natural glycerin and each batch is enriched with Shea Butter and Olive Oil. This soap is not made from a base, it is not melt and pour. These bars are cured specifically according to the cold process method.

All my soaps are plant based, never lard and I only use high quality scenting oils. I use a bar from each batch for my quality control. Please try to keep your soap completely dry between uses to keep it hard and long-lasting.

Why use handmade soap? Commercial soaps are made from chemicals, additives that not only dry out your skin but can lead to rashes or irritations. They remove the naturally occurring glycerin out of their soap. Handmade soap is made by combining organic ingredients in a chemical reaction that leaves the soap environmentally safe and good for your skin.

The process retains the natural glycerin and provides moisturizing every time you shower up. The soap does the cleaning, the glycerin does the moisturizing. I combine the finest ingredients and most delightful fragrances to make a long lasting quality bar. Delightfully and affordably indulgent…

Treat yourself as well as you treat others!

Kitty Crossbones makes custom promotional products and sent in Adorable little buttons to showcase their work. I got really lucky and won a random drawing on Sampler Village and am getting my own design on a set of stickers! Mention Sampler Village & receive 10% off your order (excluding supplies, instastamp, and 1,000 quantity items)

This solid scent stick in Rose Petals came from Jento Soaps (I've been using this all week, and will review it in a separate blog. Suffice to say, I quite like it....)
Sweet Rose Petals * - Closest I have found to a real rose scent. You will be covered in rose petals. 
 FREE 4oz bath size bar of soapwhen you place an order. In the comments box of the shopping cart type Sampler Village and the scent of soap you would like.

Marilee Jane Designs is back with their super cute cup cake toppers. Sakes alive, her stuff is all freakin' adorable! A set of 6 of these fellas sells for $12.95 on her Etsy page, and would be an adorable party keepsake.

Cherry City Bath & Body included a full sized tin of their Margarita Lip balm. (A $6.00 value!) I've reviewed the Cherry City line before, which you can see the video of HERE on my YouTube Channel.

Any hour is happy hour with our Happy Hour Lip Balms! Made with healthy vegan ingredients and SPF 15 (Happy Hour Lip Balms do not contain alcohol). Available in five thirst quenching flavors: Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Tequila Sunrise, Pomegranate Martini, Mojito, and Jamaican Rum....Cheers! FREE After Five roll with purchase  (a $10 value). Enter code SAMPLE VILLAGE in the comment box at checkout, along with your choice of scent. They are constantly running specials, as well, so you'll likely find some other freebie or bonus offer waiting for you.

Gumdropz gave us a FULL SIZED CreamCake Solid Lotion Bar in Coco Cabana


Our Beach Bums Summer Line Collection Coco Cabana CreamCake Solid Lotion Bar is a super concentrated lotion. Contains only Coco-butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, and a very light fragrance. Works nicely on roughest driest areas such as hands, elbows, and heels. Works nicely on cuticles also.

This listing is for a one ounce round tin. This will last a very long after the lazy days of summer have passed since it's so concentrated. Perfect for your purse, desk, or beach bag.

Coco Cabana is a blend of Orange, Apple, Coconut. Takes me away to warm summer days laying out by the pool with a frozen fruity drink in hand.

These are also perfect for Birthday thank you's as guests are leaving, Pool Party goodie bag treats!, Baby Shower, Baby Announcements, Wedding Shower, or Bachelorette Party gifts for your guests. We can make custom labels for your occasion. Bulk quantity pricing is available please convo me if you would like a quote and a custom listing.

CreamCakes tins will arrive shrink wrapped for your protection.

Contains: Coco butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, fragrance.
An aroma bead ornament from Polka Dot Scent 
Shoppe in Clean Cotton


Aroma Bead Ornaments are custom made decorative air fresheners. They are perfect to display in your home in a closet, bathroom, or small space enclosure. They are also great air fresheners for your car. The scent will intensify when heated by the sun or hair dryer. The fragrance may last up to six months depending on fragrance, use, and exposure.

From Diosa Botanicals comes a tube of Crema de Coco lip balm.


The main ingredient, organic Coconut oil, is HANDMADE IN MONTEZUMA, COSTA RICA. Coconut oil naturally contains 7 SPF.

The coconut oil I use as a base in this lip balm is 100% hand made and organic from wildharvested Costa Rican coconuts. The oil is carefully slow toasted over a fire all day.

This is basically an unscented lip balm, but you will be able to enjoy the lightly toasted aroma of the coconut oil.

This lip balm is 100% plant based. The flavor from plants. This balm will not give you chapped lips, it leaves lips silky and lush. Won´t melt in yer pocket and one tube lasts forever!

Coconut Oil is an amazing healer. It is an emollient and leaves skin radiant and glowing. Coconut oil has a light amount of SPF. A light body, hand and face oil, coconut oil does not clog pores. It is an anti-bacterial, a mild insect repellant, and a skin cell regenerator. As many medicines grow in the place where they are most needed, coconut oil is a coolant for the skin that blossoms right from the steamy tropics. 

I was really excited for this one, because I've gotten so hooked on coconut oil lately....
S.V. Soaps sent in a sample of their lovely Almond Biscotti soap.
This fragrance is positively edible! It is an amazing compilation of all things good, edible and coffee time! With a mixture of toasted almonds, sweet cake flour and drizzled chocolate, this fragrance will have you drooling and wanting to eat pastries!

This bar is light brown with thin lines of chocolate and crushed oatmeal through out. The top layer is covered with chocolate swirls, chunks of beige and chocolate soap and dusted with ground oatmeal.

Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Fragrance Oil, Iron Oxides, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Cocoa Powder, Ground Oatmeal
 This HUGE highly detailed card from A Penny For Your Thoughts 
also comes with confetti for inside the card. The coupon code enclosed has unfortunately already expired before I received my box. 
Beagle Bites 
smell good enough that I want to eat them! I relented and gave one to my dog Boomer, making him a happy dog indeed!

From Cooper's Fancies are 2 Chocolate Almond Cake Balls.


Cake balls are a newer dessert gaining in popularity. If you haven't tried one yet, you've come to the right place. These little shots of flavor are incredible!

I did some research and development before coming up with the final product. It was well worth the wait!

This adorable sugar cookie came from Sweet Spot to show off the quality of their custom made cookies!

From Tracy's Home Canned Goods comes some more of her amazing rock candy, this time in Cran-Raspberry, Grape & Tropical Punch. I have RAVED about this stuff before, so seriously- check her out.


This old time favorite is making a come back in a new and fun way! With all the over processing and preserving our foods get today, this is just back to the basics! Only a few simple ingredients lead to a great tasting treat! This will make a great gift or just enjoy yourself. There is over one pound of candy in each quart jar ! All orders will be made up fresh for you. I have lots of flavors and tons of fabric for the tops! Or, I can put the candy in small baggies or individual portions for a great place setting for a party or wedding !Just ask if you would like to see something special! As always, Gluten Free! Cherry and spearmint are my favorites! This is a great way to sweeten your tea ! 

 Check out this groovy cookie from Ob La Da!  


When trying to come up with a name for these cookies on our Facebook page, we came up with Lucy in the Sky with Cookies, Flower Power Cookies, Scooby Snacks and "Damn Hippy" Cookies. Ha!

However my dad referred to them as Kaleidoscope cookies, and that just sounded RIGHT.

So here you go: Kaleidoscope Cookies are homemade sugar cookies topped with rainbow swirled lemon icing. These suckers are about the size of 3 cookies, so keep that in mind. 

 From the Craft Complex is a 4 pack of Blooming Brew Black Tea W Flowers & Fruit. 

This is a wonderful blend of black bergamont tea blended with fruit and flower flavors. A very crisp and fresh tasting tea.

The tea tag and sticker on back of packaging is hand stamped. The tea itself in encased in white muslin.

Farm Hussy  has  included an awesome little goodie bag to celebrate summer with a lollie, a pool bound duckie and a  little flip flop keychain to tie it all together. They've included TWO full sized products, Boonze Farm Tickle Pink lip balm and Devine Bovine Butyere in Pina Cowlada (man, I love their product names!)

Mea Culpa Body and Bath sent in a big ol' slice of their Goat's Milk Soap in Beach.


This soap is gentle, lathers beautifully and is going to leave your skin nice and hydrated. Treat yourself and your senses with the best, while taking care of your body.

Castor oil adds moisturizing;

Safflower Oil is a highly moisturizing oil with an exceptionally high amount of Oleic acids, deeply soothing and one of the best choices for skin moisturizing;

Glycerin is a humectant, drawing moisture to your skin, allowing it to remain hydrated and soft. Beyond hydrating your skin, glycerin is also known to be a natural remedy for yeast and fungal infections, such as eczema and psoriasis. It is especially good for sensitive skin. Glycerin soap does not contain synthetic ingredients that will cause skin irritations. It keeps your skin looking AND feeling healthy and soft.

The low pH level of goat milk is close to our skin’s own pH. Goat milk also contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which are known for their restorative and rejuvenating qualities
From the always estimable Gingerbread Cupboard is a huge popsicle styled tart in Mango Peach Splash. 
Inspired by the great taste of V8 Splash's refreshing blend of delicous fruitty flavors of ripe mangos and juicy peaches

 From Fun & Funky Retro Magnets is this HIlarious magnet with the image of a fun retro Beatles toy!
 This Mucho Mango Mini Cupcake Bath Bomb from Yummy SCENTsations 
was probably a lot cuter before USPS mauled the box, but it still smells yummy!


This scent is just perfect if you love any and everything mango! It is my all time favorite. Reminds me of Mangoo smoothies YUMMY!

Bath Bombs are filled with oils your skin will love and scents the will delight you senses! 
Strange Fruit  sent in a lovely little stitch marker for all of you knitters and crocheters out there.
There's a packet full of gift tags from Gabriella's Sweets
Susie Qs Bath and Body sent in a good sized bar of their Black Irish soap.


Black Irish is a clean, sporty, marine type with notes of lavender, fir and bergamot, a light floral/herbal and woodsy, sandalwood and musk. Very sexy man's scent.
These stunning earrings from Cody Gardner (Mud in Hand) were provided by S Type Creative, who also gave us their handcrafted Chocolate Fudge Lip Balm 

Naturally LeLa again has my heart with their lip balm, this one in Sunshine. 

Benefits: Natural Sun Blocker, Moisturizing, Rejuvenating, Stimulating, Deep Soothing Penetration, Healing, Creamy Delicious
comes with an offer for a FREE full sized Lip Balm with Smack Scrub Lip Sugar Scrub purchase! Enter samplerpromo in notes to seller during checkout. 


Searching for soft, sexy, kissable lips? Look no further! This fun Lip Sugar Scrub will exfoliate, soften and condition your stressed out flaky lips. Your lipsticks and stains will love you for it (as will your significant other)! Refreshing Peppermint Oil will leave your lips feeling tingly and revitalized.

How to use the Lip Scrub:
It’s quite simple, really! Apply just a dab of the lip scrub to your lips and scrub away in a circular motion. Rinse and instantly feel the difference. Use your lip scrub 2-3 times a week for ultra soft, conditioned lips.

What is in it?
Lip Smack Lip Scrubs contain all natural ingredients that even my Vegan friends can enjoy. Sugar crystals~Shea Butter rich in Vitamins A, E and F~ Sweet Almond Oil rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E.

So tasty you will want to lick it right off your lips! But please refrain yourself from doing so. 
Orange Lip Whip is yummy!
GoGoBadger makes cloth and photo image collage magnets
sent in a fondant cake decoration
Sampler Village Mayor for the month, Bella Bejeweled 
 sent this whimsical ring and is offering free shipping thru the month of June with the code SVMayor at checkout.
is back with treats for your pup, peanut butter biscuits. You can save 20% on orders of $15 or more with the code SummerFun in the discount box till July 31.
Purrfect Gifts  sent in a sample of their treat filled greetings (perfect for putting in that Father's Day gift!)
threw in as a thank you some cotton candy flavored salt water taffy (there were 4, but I sorta already ate one)
sent in a pack of graduation themed cupcake toppers
 This flip flop soap in Ocean Rain  comes from  Uniquely Pampered and with the code SBOX0510 you get 10% off your first order till Jan 2011!
I use all-natural, glycerin soap that is vegan, hypo-allergenic, and doesn't clog pores. My soap is great for sensitive skin. Your soaps will be shrink-wrapped to preserve the scent until you open them.
  Anam Cara Candles 
sent in triple scented soy scent tarts (mine is sadly a little smooshed) . Mine's a yummy hydrangea.
sent us soy cupcake tart melts (I did not scan the tarts themselves as I didn't want to get wax on the scanner!) 
made with Natural Soy wax. Maximum scented in Pink Sugar cupcakes, Aquolina Pink Sugar Type. A delectible sweet treat! The sugary aroma comes from ingredients you remember from your childhood, like vanilla, caramel, and cotton candy.
Grammys Soap Bakery 
is here with a BIG ol' bar of Wacky Watermelon soap. 
 is last, but certainly  not least. I've written a review of them previously, and have made it abundantly clear how much I love them! They included an Earl Grey De La Creme sachet, Twilight loose tea, and 2 personal tea bags. Enter the code SVMD at checkout for a 15% discount on your orders thru 7/31.
Our wonderful, flavorful Earl Grey de la Creme in a convenient tea sachet.

Ingredients: Delicious Earl Grey blend with a hint of creamy vanilla flavor and blue mallow blossoms.

Now enjoy the very same fine teas you love with tea bag like convenience. These innovative tea pyramids are designed to give full leaf tea room to properly unfold. Exquisite flavor and aroma are released in a way previously only possible when brewing loose tea. It's the perfect solution for any discerning tea-lover who is travelling or pressed for time. Our superior quality teas and the ultimate in brewing convenience - make delicious tea available even on your busiest days.

End escaping tea problems with these ecological, re-usable drawstring cloth tea bags!

These also make excellent sachets for drawers or herbal baths. They measure 3"x5"

This delightful tea can be enjoyed while reading the Twilight Book series and will help you get into the mood of the stories.
Ingredients: Certified Fair Trade black tea, organic chamomile and organic lavender. Contains caffeine.  

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