Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Additions To My Work Emergency Bag

I always keep a makeup bag with the basics to gussy up with if I run out the door without time to doll myself. I try to stock it with the most neutral, versatile items since I never know what colors I'll be rocking that day. I need stuff that'll work with most anything. Recently Mother Hubbard's Cupboard was getting bare on some items and needed restocking, so this is what I added to my desert island job rotation.

An i.d. Bare Escentuals Angled Face Brush.
This baby is AWESOME! Crazy super soft and possibly the best blush brush I've ever used. It's big and fluffy enough to get my full cheek apples, then the angle gives the perfect application to my cheekbones, making them look high and with lots of definition. I have naturally high cheekbones under all my fluff, and this really brings them out. It also holds on to the powder so you don't get fallout over the rest of your face.

Lush Whip Stick Tasty Chocolate Lip Balm
They say:

Product Description

A gorgeous chocolate lip balm whipped up to a perfectly smooth consistency. Pucker up and smooth on this oat infused, honey and Shea butter lip balm to moisturize and soften your lips. Let's not forget the chocolate and vanilla absolute that make your lips irresistibly tasty. This is a balm too delicious to keep to yourself be sure to give everyone you love a nice kiss so they can taste it too, just remember to lock it up unless you want it stolen! Note: This product may melt and is NOT guaranteed to arrive solid during the summer months!

I say, this stuff is divine. What I like about it's creamy consistency is that you can use mineral colors with it and make some really cool lip colors!  It also works for emergency cuticle damage and dry heels and then you also smell and taste like chocolate, which also a nice bonus.

Of course I added in a Lancome eyeshadow palette. How could I not? This one includes
Drape (Sheen)

Honeymoon (Sheen)
Designer (Metallic)
The New Black (Metallic)

These can be played with to give anything from a soft subtle natural look to full on smoky dragon drama. They also pull out the blue in my eyes and make them look quite piercing, even through glasses. 

I brought in Avon's In The Clouds from their Natural Reactions line. While it's no longer being offered by Avon, it's ALL OVER the internet. It's a good basic daytime fragrance, a sweet airy floral that feels like a walk on a misty spring morning through dew. Because it's in an airtight spray bottle, it'll still have it's perfect original scent (unless it was stored somewhere super hot). I've had my bottle for years and it still smells exactly like it did the first application.

Lastly, while I generally trust Target, DO NOT buy anything from The Dollar Spot from Added Extras (you'll find the company name on the back). I got a tube of lotion licensed to have Little Miss Sunshine from the super cute Little Miss line, so I thought "hey, it's a licensed product, surely it'll be decent." WRONG. This stuff is just nasty. It's supposed to be banana scented, but it's more scented like what the banana becomes after the monkeys have eaten them. Just disgusting. At one of my jobs, I kept noticing that my hand lotion was rapidly being depleted and realized that co-workers were just helping themselves since it sat on my desk. HAHA! Jokes on them! Now I keep my 'real' lotion in a secret spot and leave this sitting on my desk. We do what we have to do to lay claim to our little stake in this world, right?

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