Friday, June 4, 2010

Sampler Village Simply Samplicious

Okay, so I realize this is an old sampler, but I wanted to give an idea of the amount of stuff you get in the Simply Samplicious Sampler. I took the photos some time ago and then forgot to post this. Hey- I'm a busy gal, believe it or not! 

Sweetheart Bakeshop Chunk o Peanut Butter Fudge
Crazy yummy and satisfied my near psychotic levels of peanut craving. I've always loved peanuts and peanut butter, but for some perverse reason, having a husband with a peanut allergy has actually made me love them even MORE. I'm a b**** :-) 

Rear Gear Air freshener design booty cover
These are possibly the weirdest things I've ever seen and serve no actual purpose other than to humiliate your pet for your own amusement. I mean this as a good thing- I think it's funny to pile laundry on the cats and watch them try to escape. I slipped this on my dog and laughed so hard I almost wet myself. 

Purrfect Gifts 1 Bunny Kiss, 1 Easter Eggcite-ment
These would be great in party gift bags or as a tucked in thank you for sellers to add to their packages. There's lil' Peppermint Patties and Hershey's Kisses inside! 

Peddler's Kitchen 1 serving package Gina's Rib Rub
Rib rub, chicken rub, anything meaty  rub. I'd eat this on bacon. Seriously, it made some fiiiiiine pork chops mixed in with some bread crumbs and baked. 

Kopykat Aromatics 2 vials-Junkie, Ice Water
I love the way they phrase it " Specializing in high-class knock-offs of fabulous fragrances." These are DEAD ON and last a good long time. They're cheap, too! 

Sampler Village large bunny wax melt
I think it's cool that Traci at Sampler Village throws a little thank you in the boxes!

Grammys Soap Bakery full sized tulip soap Blooming Tulip fragrance
Really lovely scent and it looks pretty sitting by the sink. Seems a shame to use it! oh well, that's why they sell more!

1 bag Dungees Num Nums gourmet cranberry pecan granola
I threw this into some yogurt and went to town! The cranberries are a nice touch. 

The Bubble Room Wings Of Spring butterfly 5 mini glycerin soaps
So pretty and dainty! Like a handful of little fairies!

The Gingerbread Cupboard  6 mini carrot shaped wax tarts in carrot cake, 1 bunny wax tart in jelly
Jumpin' Jehosaphat! These smell INCREDIBLE! Seriously. Wow. If you buy your scent tarts at Wal Mart I will hurt you. Support indie businesses like this!

Cassia's Garden Grapefruit Lily perfume spray
A very sweet, pretty scent. Simple and classic. 

Fairy Apothecary - full sized decorated soap
Gotta be honest, haven't used this one yet (I don't like to start a new soap until I've finished the old one) but it sure is purdy......( and smells great)

Marilee Jane Designs duckie cupcake stick
Ooooh, what a cute lil' witsy duckie! Man, I so dig the vintage clip art look. In their store they sell these in sets for cheap and they're much more original than just throwing Elmo on a cake. 

Whimsy Lane Creations bottlecap pendant Mommy's Girl
I've been known to make me a bottle cap pendant or two myself, and these are really well made, IMHO.
 (all orders of $20 or more receive a free gift! use code "Sampler Village" in comments box at checkout)

Bleu Roo Learn To Embroider Kit w needle, thread and printed design of cute birdie w a mini pack of m&ms, matchbook notepad on recycled paper in an origami styled envelope
Okay, if I don't quit using the word cute, someone's gonna throw a shoe at me. What a cool gift for those who envy your craftiness! Teach a man to fish and he'll eat forever....

Claire's Closet orange hair bow (use code mp20 @ checkout for 20% off)

Okay, okay- I SWEAR this is the last time I'll use the word cute. Um, I know this is supposed to be for kids, but I have taken to wearing this little bow constantly. I would like to see the baby that could pry this out of my grubby little paws. 

Tracy's Home Canned Goods big bag of rock candy orange, grapefruit, creme de menthe
I've talked about it before- this is easily the best rock candy ever. Normally I don't even LIKE rock candy, but this is so good and tastes so real, not like the generic flavorless cavity on a stick that I always associated with rock candy. Good thing I got some more, because I keep a bag of this to suck on while I'm watching movies. 

Simply Sweet Confections guest soap sized silky skin soap in kumquat fruit
They are gone. Apparently they ticked off people with lousy customer service and no show shipments so they rolled up their tent and left town. Too bad, It's awesome soap, I actually had some in my Etsy cart to buy as a gift when they took off. Guess that's a good thing, cause ya'll SURE woulda heard about it if they scammed me. 

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