Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ahhhh, reminiscing about Naturistics Sea Splash made me feel nostalgic, so I went digging through and pulled out some old stuff that should have been tossed so long ago......

Like I found ANOTHER bottle of Naturistics perfume, this time one of my personal favorites, Naturally Vanilla. There was such a teeny bit left in the bottle that I simply took off the cap and have been walking around all day with the bottle tucked inside my bra so I can enjoy the last gasp of evaporation left in the bottle before it leaves me forever. Sigh.......unlike some of their other scents however, this one seems to be all over the internet in unopened bottles, so maybe I'll get some more! I always really liked this vanilla, very sexy but demure.
In the same random box (and those who know me personally know that's a LOT of random boxes!) I ran across a tube of my grandmother's lipstick that I took from her medicine cabinet after she died. Merle Norman's Cameo Shrimp. Is Merle Norman even still around? NO, I didn't try wearing it, it was probably well aged even at the time. I wanted it nonetheless, because it was a shade she wore for as long as I can remember- a coral, orangey-pink that would look AWFUL on me with my cool coloring and red hair, but was perfect with her black curls and Cherokee skin coloring. This will stay in my special memory box now that I've found it. HOLY ****! Not only is Merle Norman still spread about random-town USA, but they STILL have Cameo Shrimp! Who'da thunk it? And is it just me, or is that a TRULY bizarre name for a lipstick color? 


So one last moldy oldie that I came across is one that was not at all moldy, though an oldie, and I forgot how awesome this stuff is! Zizi & Zynn Atomic Apple Shake & Shine Hair Spray. It is not a hairspray, it's a hair spray. This was the first spray silicone based hair shine that I ever had seen (before it was always in those serum bottles with a dropper) and I got it at, of all places, Toys R Us. Yep, Toys R Us shaking the hair care world with innovative design. It doesn't have any scent now, but I remember it originally had an AWESOME Jolly Rancher-like apple smell. What makes this stuff super dooper nifty though is that it's got GLITTER in it! Whee! I decided to give it a test run to see if it was still any good or if I had just confined myself to a hat day, but it's still just fine, only the smell is gone. It's a light silicone so it doesn't weigh my hair down (probably since it was designed for kids with their typically finer hair) and it makes it shiny and bouncy and did I mention glittery!  When this is all gone, I'm gonna try to replicate my own version- I forgot it's awesomeness. 

The only reference I could find to them with an  (albeit brief ) Google search was mention fo their nifty packaging at some trade show 10 years ago
"Booth #273:
The new glitter infused bath and beauty products by Zizi and Zynn sport colorful, waterproof labels accented with holographic lines and peel-away stickers. The stickers were formed by precise die cutting, penetrating only the first layer of label around the sticker graphics."  Such is life The funny thing is that I never even realized those were stickers until I just read that. All that sticker fun that I missed!

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