Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Collective WellBeing Steals

Haute Look  currently has some amazing deals on the phenomenal skin and bodycare line Collective WellBeing. 

Since 2004, Collective Wellbeing has changed the expectations of what a natural beauty brand can and should do:

+ Innovation: Collective Wellbeing pioneers the use of innovative and effective natural materials like activated charcoal and super-antioxidants, such as astaxanthin, a bio-compound from sea algae. Before selecting an ingredient, we research its source, its safety record and its environmental and health impact. We use certified organic botanicals whenever available. We seek to minimize or eliminate our products' environmental footprint. We use only fully biodegradable ingredients, and all packaging is recycled or recyclable
+ Product Efficacy: We stand behind our product's efficacy. Our formulations are based on research and advice of respected homeopaths, dermatologists and other wellbeing experts. Our products are safe, effective and a pleasure to use. They work as promised.
+ Zero Carbon Footprint: Collective Wellbeing was the first consumer packaged goods company to entirely offset its carbon footprint.
+ Commitment to Environment: each year, Collective Wellbeing pledges at least 1% of revenues to environmental non-profits. Collective Wellbeing was the first beauty products company to make this commitment.
+ What is NOT in Our Products:
NO parabens
NO petrochemicals
NO phthalates
NO sulfates
NO synthetic fragrances
NO synthetic dyes
NO GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
NO triclosan
NO benzoyl peroxide
NO hydrogen peroxide
NO propylene glycol
NO gluten or gluten derived ingredients

I particularly like the "NO GMOs" since the more I find out about them, the more they are seriously freaking me out. Their Calming Cream Cleanser is great for sensitive or reactive skin, and here it's only 10 bucks! 
I think I might try their bodycare trio though, since I haven't used these before. And all three bottles is only $22!

Cleanse, polish and moisturize your body the natural way.

Dry Skin Relief Body Butter (Illipe Nut/Jojoba) 8.5 oz: provides instant relief and continuous, all-day moisturization for dry, flaky skin. It contains fair trade Illipe Nut butter, a rich emollient that contains biocompounds essential to enhancing and restoring the skin's protective function. Certified organic Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil to replenish and retain needed moisture.

Gentle Body Wash (Lavender/Aloe Vera) 11.5 oz: sensitive skin needs to be handled with care. Gentle Body Wash is formulated with ingredients that gently cleanse while conditioning and adding moisture to your skin. In addition to certified organic lavender and aloe vera, avocado oil provides moisture and Vitamins A, C and E supply your skin with the nutrients it needs.

Body Scrub (Bamboo/Fennel Seed) 8.5 oz: Rich in vitamins, minerals and natural cleansers, this Body Scrub uses bamboo powder and crushed fennel seeds to gently and completely exfoliate the outer layer of your body, removing impurities and surface cell debris.

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