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Pristine and Clean with Blissmo and Haven, CleanWell, method, and If You Care reviews

When it comes to cleaning products, there's an unfortunate number of them that scare the bejeesus outta me. So much harsh, toxic, skin/earth/water/plant/animal/baby harming stuff is sadly the norm under the typical American sink. Remember Mr Yuck?

Cause if you weren't careful, it would KILL you. That's pretty scary! It thrills me that there's so many companies out there now that realize that you can make a green, sustainable cleaning product that is still effective.

Blissmo offers you on average 3 different box themes to choose from each month, along with the option to skip a month, which is incredibly easy and convenient to do. (I skipped this month and it took all of 3 seconds. )

You get an email that looks something like this
This is a picture of what the select your box email looks like.  They don't tell you what's in the box but give you a basic theme idea. They send the emails out and then give you about a week to decide. 

This is a look at the Pristine & Clean themed box, which had some excellent products that were a joy to use.
Pristine & Clean blissmobox

Household gloves by If You Care are a great mix of the practical with the ethical. Unbelievably sturdy with a great fit. The cotton lining keeps them from making your hands get too hot and sweaty, and they last forever. A year later and I'm still using this pair. I have a few pairs so that there's one for gross stuff, one for basic cleaning, one for doing crafts..... Even my husband is a fan of these.
If You Care 0460774 Household Gloves - Medium - 12 Pairs If You Care 0460774 Household Gloves - Medium - 12 Pairs
If You Care Household Gloves are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) latex, meaning that the natural rubber is sourced from an environmentally responsible plantation. The gloves are naturally biodegradable and made from 100% renewable resources. They are perfect for dishwashing, oven cleaning, and bathroom or other house cleaning tasks. The product packaging is also made of 100% recycled materials. Size Medium. FSC certified. Latex. Biodegradable FSC certified latex from responsibly managed plantation, 100% natural cotton lining, 100% renewable resources, gloves naturally biodegradable Natural.

method laundry detergent is an old favorite of mine now. Not only is it affordable, easy to find, etc.... but it works great! I've tried a number of different scents now and I love them all. This works equally well in hot warm AND cold water. It leaves your clothes clean and fresh as well as soft. Hypoallergenic, so those with sensitive skin (me sometimes) don't have to fear any sort of negative reaction. I love that it's environmentally safe, not only in it's formulation, but by being so concentrated, it's carbon footprint in general is dramatically reduced. I really love the way my sheets feel after using this stuff. 
method Laundry Detergent Liquid Fresh Air method Laundry Detergent Liquid Fresh Air
Just A Few Tiny Squirts And This Ultra Concentrated Detergent Delivers Big Cleaning Power. It Targets Dirt And Stains For Beautifully Clean Clothes. Biodegradable, 95% Plant-Based Formula 70% Less Detergent, Water And Plastic Per Load Than Conventional 2X Detergent Hypo-Allergenic Never Tested On Animals For He And Standard Machines Only 4 Pumps=1 Load 25&Nbsp;Loads

 Clean Well Disinfectant Spray- I love the travel sized cans of this stuff. I like to keep one in my purse for all the nasty, disgusting stuff out there. Nothing makes road trip potty breaks seem less horrifying than knowing you've got this stuff on your side! Doorknobs, phones, toilet seats, public computers..... I don't like to use chemical antibacterials because they lower your body's immunity while also being just kinda scary and creating superbugs. This works using botanicals that are gentle enough to be used as a hand sanitizer! No rinsing or wiping necessary, even when used on cooking surfaces! I like to give the kitty boxes a good spray with this because it disinfects and kills odors without overwhelming their little noses or exposing them to harsh chemicals.

  • Cleans, Disinfects, and Deodorizes,  Kills 99.99% of germs botanically.
  • Antibacterial and Antiviral- Fresh lemon citrus scent.
  • Great for high chairs, children's toys, cell phones, fitness gyms, changing tables, toilets, counters, and much more!
  • Active ingredient Thymol is all natural thyme oil, categorized as least toxic disinfectant product by EPA.

I'd have to say that the honors for my favorite stuff in the box had to be the inclusions from Haven.

Crafted by hand in Brooklyn, HAVEN's small batch, botanical home care products brighten chores with the nontoxic power of raw, straight-from-nature ingredients and incredibly fresh organic scents.

Haven's all natural products are not only handmade in small batches, ensuring the highest attention to detail and quality, but they also WORK. The Lavender Linen & Air spray is a delight. Fresh, clean, relaxing, cooling, calming..... I give a few sprays of this almost every night onto the sheets before bed. It seems to really purify the air, freshen the sheets and puts me into the perfectly relaxed zone I need to go night nite. 

The All Purpose Cleaner in lemon mint is delightful. Finally a cleaner that doesn't make me sneeze or get all stopped up or burn my nose and eyes! It has such an invigorating, happy scent that it makes cleaning actually not unpleasant! Our kitchen sink is porcelain with metal fixtures, and I had gotten used to having to use 2 different cleaners on it to get good results. Not now! This stuff makes the porcelain squeaky clean but also gets the metal all sparkly without spots or streaks. Also got fish smell out of my countertop tiles after I dumped a can of tuna juice onto the counter.....

What's extra cool about these is that what you have in the bottle is just the concentrate- you add your own water once you're ready to start using it. If you look at most cleaning products, the first ingredient is water. By sending it sans H2O, the carbon footprint is greatly decreased. Think about the added shipping requirements as far as with the extra weight.... Every little bit counts!!

Was a $36.25 value, so a 45% savings with the box.

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