Monday, July 29, 2013


So I was talking with someone on my YouTube page about a scar over my lip and she stated that there must be a story there, so I'm posting this to show her what I was talking about.

Warning! Not for the squeamish!

Please note: I don't actually like the Backstreet Boys, my husband bought that at Thrift Town as a joke. No offense meant if they're your fave band. 

The place over my lip where the skin is abraded off healed oddly so that area over my lip is twice as white as the rest of my skin. I've got scars on the bridge of my nose, on my philtrum, my eye socket (where they dug out glass from my eyeglasses) and on my chin. I also have two scars a few inches long on my calf from where bike spokes broke off and embedded in my leg. When I took my first shower, the tub filled up with blood washing out of my hair like something out of Psycho. Oh, and I dislocated my shoulder and had to wear it in a sling for a week while my hubby had to bathe me. Fun times.

Ladies, let this be a lesson to you- zip your purse up BEFORE you put it in your bike basket!

So me and The Hubband decided to ride our bikes over to a friend's house who lived about 4 blocks away. Seriously. 4 lousy blocks. I had my purse in my bike basket, but because my bike is vintage, it's a bit of a bumpy ride and I realized things were bouncing out of my purse. Well of course the smart thing to do would be to zip it up. The not so smart thing to do would be to attempt that while flying at a pretty decent clip down the street. I hit a curb and went flying over my handlebars, face first. Hubband is pretty sure I actually did a flip in the air, but that could just be hysteria induced hallucinations. I finally came to a stop with my trusty face's assistance. Face, meet concrete retaining wall. Wall, meet face. There was actually a big pool of blood stain on the sidewalk there for a few years.

I actually look much better in this picture than I did a day or so later when I actually started to bruise and swell up. Yeah- it actually looked WORSE.

The front wheel of my bike looked like this
Bent Bike Wheel by tanvach via Flickr
Hubband straightened it out a bit then hung it from our kitchen ceiling to use as a thing to hang pots and pans off of (he's a glass half full kinda guy, my fella.)

So there you have it, Nilla! My squished face story.

You should have seen me BEFORE the shower.

I'm KIDDING! That was at a Halloween party. 

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