Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Congratulations! And a new giveaway announced

Congrats to Carolann and Jo for winning the Look Bag and a Loreal shadow, respectively.

I appreciate all of you guys' support, and more giveaways are on the way!

I'm all set to roll for one lucky winner to receive a CASE of Beanitos in the flavor of their choice. Just gotta get over this pesky pneumonia that has me currently laid up! Beanitos are my current obsession. I've been preaching the gospel of Beanitos to anyone who will listen. BEST NACHOS EVER. No joke, I actually made some nachos for breakfast this morning (I'm sick! Don't judge me!) using an extra sharp cheddar on top of their Better Cheddar pinto bean chips with a dollop of organic fat free sour cream and a smattering of the world's best hot sauce, Cholula. Made me forget the fluid in my lungs for a few minutes.......

Please note: I could eat my pet cat if you put Cholula on her. 


Carolannotated said...

thanks so much Julie! Love your reviews!

Carolannotated said...

Oh and of course I hope you are feeling better too!

Julie Ann Keene-Roppolo said...

Why thankee! Yeah, my poor husband is sick now and is CONVINCED that I gave it to him!