Thursday, July 4, 2013

Additional 60% off already discounted sale items through Spiegel outlet! These prices are mindblowing. (And what I got!)

Ultimate Outlet SO I nearly had an aneurysm.


 These pants were originally $129. They are discounted to SIXTEEN DOLLARS.... BEFORE 60% off.
So we're talking $129 pants for $6.40.

The 60% is taken at checkout. I had almost $100 of stuff in my cart thinking that that already discounted the 60%, then when I went to checkout it told me $30. For three pairs of pants and a sweater!!!! From Spiegel and Newport News! So like, really well made, normally pricey clothes! I've gotten tons of stuff from their clearance sales before, I always go nuts, but this is RIDONKULOUS.

Through 7/7!!!!

Ultimate Outlet

Okay, I just spent $100 and got the following items.

 originally $74 (when you wear leggings and a sundress to swim in 'cause you can't find any swimsuit pieces that still match anywhere in your house? TIME FOR A NEW SUIT.)

classic straight-leg pant by shape fx Originally $129!!!! a piece!  So I also got them in black and taupe. (my price? $6.40 each, honeychile!) classic straight-leg pant by shape fx classic straight-leg pant by shape fx
beaded satin and lace flower broochbeaded satin and lace flower brooch Originally $15 each, beaded silk that will look awesome on a boring work shirt

rosette headband originally $12 Oh the cuteness!

sequined single-sleeve tunic top by shape fx originally $114 Girlfriend here is gonna get her Boogie Nights on. This will be SOOOOOO perfect for roller skate night.

shaggy chenille sweater vest with feminine front ruffles by shape fx originally $139 So adorable I could die.

lace-cuff mesh top by newport news They only had this blouse waaaay too big for me which made me sad, until I realized that a way too big blouse is actually an awesome belted dress! (originally $79)

signature pinstripe suiting: classic-fit pantsPinstripes are so sexy......(originally $59)
embellished tunic by shape fx originally $129, what can I say? I'm a disco queen. This is going to look FANTASTIC with my skintight shiny black leggings with a stained glass print and some sky high stilettos.

$1,023 original retail
I paid $98.70
I think I just cried a little. 

Ultimate Outlet

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