Monday, July 29, 2013

HELP! My hands are dry! and L'Occitane discount code

I was asked for some recommendations recently and honestly, this one is near and dear. Because I work in a library, I wash my hands CONSTANTLY. If you realized how disgusting other people's hands are you would too. I also have a chipmunk bladder, so I'm in the ladies room like, every hour- more hand washing. Then I do the cash drawers and deposits for the drawers and copiers- more hand washing (more like scouring, there!) Needless to say, my hands get really unhappy dry.

So what do I recommend for super quenched phalanges?

Camille Beckman 5 Star Rated  

Camille Beckman glycerine hand therapy is a REVELATION. They have TONS of lovely scents- I'm using Mango Beach at work right now- but they also have an unscented option. It's crazy concentrated- the wittiest bit will get all of your hands and some arm too. I have a teeny jar about the size of a wonder ball that I keep of this in my purse, and it's lasted for over a month so far.  moisturizes and nourishes through the careful blending of Glycerine, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, and Botanical Extracts.  
You'll be amazed at how soft your hands are after using them- so soft, my hubby said my hands felt creepy when I asked him to feel them :-) 
(he's a strange boy....) 
I don't know how I went my whole life without having heard of them! I first got introduced to them through GoGo Girlfriend a few years ago and have not been without it since. A MUST HAVE for dry hands. Plus, it's not sticky or greasy; it absorbs totally within a few minutes. My dry hand holy grail. Oh! And even after a few hand washes, your hands don't feel all crazy dried out! 


NBW (Nature, Balance, Wellness) Natural Organic Beauty makes an AMAZING line of lotions. I love that they are so health and socially conscious in their product manufacturing guidelines. I've gotten to use the Love Me Lavender and the Marigold Magic. The LML is perfect for before bed, if you have a headache, or just plain want to destress and relax. The lavender scent is lovely and not at all overwhelming. I used some to massage my temples when I had a headache and I was in heaven. The Marigold Magic is their most lightly scented and is ideal for children and those who don't want a scent. They're fairly thick lotions, that's why I mainly use them for severely dry skin. Put this stuff on your hands and feet before bed and in the morning you will be amazed at how soft they are. A little goes a long way, so a bottle will last forever. 
 It contains Shea Butter to improve skin’s elasticity, Grape Seed Oil for antioxidant properties and Avocado Oil for its essential fatty acids. Vitamins C & E are added for their anti-oxidant properties which heal skin, promote cellular health and naturally preserve the product.
Paraben & Petroleum Free
Made with certified organic ingredients
Made with non-GMO ingredients

Pura Botanica Lend A Hand Creme Smoother is a lotion I just recently discovered through Green Grab Bag. 
Smooth and soothe that hardworking skin with a blend of luxuriously hydrating ingredients, including aloe vera, vitamin E, West African shea butter and vanilla. Not only will your hands thank you, but so will the sea turtles that benefit, when a portion of the proceeds is donated to the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation. Talk about lending a hand! Certified by the Natural Products Association. I recently did a video review of this stuff, and it is beyond awesome. Verry subtle scent so it's great for men and women. Super moisturizing and very concentrated. Because it's high in antioxidants, it also combats previous skin damage. 

3.2 oz. $4.25 or 5.8 oz. $6.75
And of course, there's always my super beloved Farm Hussy, purveyor of my favorite lotions on THE PLANET. SIX different kinds of lotion depending on your druthers, available in any of her 5 gazillion, custom blended scents. I just finished off a jar of Cream Of The Crop in the scent

Monster Truck - Custom Blend A smash-up scent of Green apple S'mores, tart green lip puckerin' apples with vanilla frosting creamed into a graham cracker crunch, that's Good Saturday Night Fun rolled into one!!

I swear, I think I cried a little when I used the last of it. Not only are head Hussy Julie's products UH-MAZING, but she's one of the sweetest people on the planet. Also, her sense of humor on her products is delightful in and of itself. Every person that I've turned onto her products is a lifelong fan. 

FINALLY, I'll throw in a big name gun for good measure here. 
L'occitane en Provence has been a staple for me for over a decade. Their hand creams have cult status for a reason. They're really moisturizing without being greasy or heavy at all- an excellent regular use lotion.  I just finished off a tube of the lavender lotion which is super duper relaxing for me at work. When I start to feel stressed out, I just sniff my hands! Time for a new tube.... Enriched with shea butter and lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence, this smooth, light-textured cream gently helps to nourish the hands leaving them softly perfumed.
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