Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oh Fab, why are you so Fabulous? And hey, I figured out the meaning of Pinterest!

FAB.COM is absolutely addictive. As in, I wish everything I owned came from them, addictive. You see these hip urban apartments with a cool  tchotchke  on the wall and then in sharp focus is the super hip thing that you had no idea that you needed until you saw it. Kinda like the cardboard unicorn wall trophy.

Merlin Unicorn Trophy Brown brown, makes you smile, models & crafts
Don't judge me.

But then. They have food.
See, you can justify buying 3 pounds of handpicked organic washington cherries.

Gourmet Sriracha Go­odies!!!!!!!

If any of you feel an overwhelming desire to thank me for something, there's some absolutely lovely gift sets from iGourmet. 

 So I had to add them all to my Pinterest Nummies board. 

Pinterest is amusing to me because I realized that it's just random things I run across and want to remember for later. 

Which I guess is the point. 

So good for me, I finally figured out Pinterest now that everyone else is probably 


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