Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Look Bag, We Hardly Knew Ye - With a bag giveaway $39 value- Two Days Left!

The Look Bag was incredibly troubled from the get go. They were notorious for abysmal customer service and then just like that *poof* they closed up shop. I assumed that would be the last I heard of them, but a few months later I got an email saying that they were relaunching, and as a previous subscriber, I'd get a big discount to sign back up, which I did. Well, I got maybe two or three more bags and then in December, I didn't get my bag. I contacted them and they apologized and said it'd be right out. Well, they sent me a duplicate of the bag from the previous month! Good stuff (see below video) I just don't need duplicates. So lucky you, I'm giving away the second bag, and since they both have a duplicate item from a bag previous to THAT (see 2nd video) I'm also giving away a full sized Loreal shadow (which is a GORGE color, by the by.) Come January and no Look Bag (but a charge nonetheless) I got an email saying that they were closing down AGAIN. Never got the bag I was charged for and my emails went unanswered. Phhhbbbbt. Oddly, they still have a Facebook page.....

one person will receive the following:

And one person will receive the Loreal shadow in Sweet Chemise

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