Thursday, April 4, 2013

Looking Back at Zibbet Zbox

Zbox is a handmade sampler that has items exclusively from the awesome handmade web emporium Zibbet. It's a great alternative to Etsy, since the sellers get a lot of encouragement and community outreach from Zibbet instead of drowning unnoticed under the Etsy waves..... You can get your own HERE, there are still some march ones left with over 20 different seller's items! At $20 including shipping, it's a great deal!

Here's one of my previous boxes......

Black Creek Crossing


All About The Buttons

Empty On The Inside

It's My Thing My cat Navanya sports this on her collar. Now I don't have to worry about her trying to sneak up and kill me in my sleep ;-)

Handmade Fuzzy I was wearing this the other day and it was making my cat INSANE (it has jingle bells.) 

Spanky Luvs Vintage  hahaha! I'm wearing this in my hair right now!


Frauke A said...

happy to hear that your cat got entertainment from your hair clip!!
Love it!

TexasEagle said...

Thanks for the lovely review! We are proud to be a part of ZBox and really appreciate your support!

Becky West said...

WoW !! Julie !!!! Thank you!

Nicole Castille said...

Always happy to see something from Nicole's Visions featured! Thank you!! Gearing up for the April box right now with beautiful prints & bookmarks along with a percent off coupon!

Adrienne Wilson said...

This is so nice of you to review our ZBox. We appreciate your continued support...thank you :)

Rhonda Morrell said...

Julie Ann you are just your always make me smile :)