Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lift Lab Lift & Firm Eye Cream

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This stuff is simply fantabulous! It really does a lovely job on dark circles, puffy undereye areas, bags and wrinkles. The results are not as noticeable at first, you really need to use it for at least thirty days to see results, but when you do, you really do! I had a co-worker that commented that my lupus must not be as bad lately because I've been looking so well rested and refreshed, which is pretty funny since I've been having awful flares for the past few weeks. the bags under my eyes are gone and my eye area is noticeably more refreshed. While the cream is pricey, it's also quite concentrated- a lil dab'll do ya. It also is very creamy and absorbent, there's no tugging when you apply it but it absorbs quickly and causes no problems with applying eye makeup. 


Cell Protection Protein
to stimulate skin cell regeneration and to protect against harsh   climatic elements
to fill in wrinkles and lock in moisture
Glucosyl Hesperidin
to help increase circulation to reduce dark circles
Unirepair T-43
to help protect & treat environmental aggressors
to help increase microcirculation to reduce dark circles
MDI Complex
to help inhibit MMP breaking down skin’s collagen

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