Thursday, April 11, 2013

This aint yo mamma's Vitabath!

When I was growing up, Vitabath was just one scent, which if I remember correctly didn't have a name, it was just Vitabath. I vaguely recall it being green. My grandmother always kept a bottle of this in her shower, so I always associated it with my grandmother. Well, Grandmommy was apparently onto something!

I recently got to try body washes in scents from 4 of their new fragrance collections and I was absolutely SHOCKED at how awesome they are! Instead of Green, we have a number of different collections spanning a ton of different luscious scents.  They're sulfate and paraben free with a blend of vitamins A, B3, C, E and Pro-Vitamin B5. PLUS an antioxidant blend of acai, goji, coffee, noni, pomegranate, green tea and mangosteen. WOW!

The washes themselves are freakishly creamy and moisturizing- I honestly didn't even really need to put on lotion after I got done bathing. The scents are lovely but unlike Bath & Body Works, they don't beat you over the head with a cloying overload. The first time I used one I just kept massaging it into my skin, it felt so soft I was just incapable of bringing myself to rinse off!

From the In Bloom collection, I used Beach Blossom which is infused with passion flower extract. A very clean, invigorating beachy scent.

From Cupcake Couture, I used Dreamy Pink Frosting with sweet almond oil. Mmmmmmmm. If you like creamy vanilla scents that are balanced with a bit of a champagne pop then this one is for you. Don't forget, men consider the smell of vanilla to be an aphrodisiac ;-)

From Spa Day, I tried the Green Tea & Sage with aloe vera. Perfect before bed or whenever you need to relax. Seriously as good as anything you'll use in a real spa.

And lastly, from the Fruit Fanatic collection I sampled Grapefruit Vanilla with grapefruit extract. The tangy grapefruit balances out the sweetness of vanilla, a super pairing I would have never thought of! My new favorite morning wash, it really wakes up your senses.

They also have matching fragrance mists that are infused with vitamins and antioxidants. Now I TOTALLY have to try layering. As much as I love the scents i got to try, they have 16 total scents available, so I'm gonna have to mix it up and try a new one- Asian Orchid and Coconut? Lemon Creme? Green Apple and Lily? Argh!!!!!!!!!!!! What a horrible quandry to find oneself in :-) Cheaper AND better than Bath & Body Works? Whatever shall I do?

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