Monday, September 21, 2015

I am gonna have babies with this kabuki yachiyo brush!

Kabuki Yachiyo Brush, Premium 100% Goat Hair, Hand Spun Wisteria Handle, Perfect Kabuki Brush for Defining Facial Features I now use this brush every single day! As a beauty blogger, I've easily got over a hundred brushes and this is HONESTLY the first time I was so blown away from my first use that it earned daily use. I'm extremely pale and with this brush I can do perfect facial contouring that doesn't make me look like a drag queen. It's dense enough to not drop powder but soft enough to blend smoothly. It feels incredible and luxe and looks like something that would be used by a geisha.......

About the Product

  • ✓KABUKI YACHIYO BRUSH-Kabuki Yachiyo brushes are often regarded as the best makeup brushes made
  • ✓UNBELIEVABLY SOFT-The brushes of the Cornucopia Brands Kabuki Yachiyo brush are unbelievably soft, among the softest brushes available today
  • ✓PERFECT FOR CONTOURING AND DEFINING-Kabuki brushes exhibit bounce and pick up far beyond other brushes, allowing for the perfect distribution of all blushes and powders even with extreme variances in pigments
  • ✓NO EXCESSIVE SHEDDING-Many people mistake the natural shedding of kabuki brushes as a flaw, however, it is simply a result of the all natural winding and construction. However, after a few cleanings, the shedding should stop and remain at around 1-5% of previous levels.
  • ✓VALUE PRICED-Working closely with factories, sourcing direct, and selling exclusively on Amazon allows us to effectively price our Kabuki brushes as to make makeup perfection more widely available, no more $50-90$ per brush price tag

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