Sunday, September 20, 2015

Eveline Cosmetics Slim Extreme 4d Argan Oil Thermo Slimming Cellulite Serum

Eveline Cosmetics Slim Extreme 4d Argan Oil Thermo Slimming Cellulite Serum

I have used this in a few ways. I have tried the typical rub on method and it feels great without an over powerful or lingering scent. The best way to use it is the recommended use on the packaging and wrapping your body up after application. This comes out the best results and you can see it right away. Your skin is more plump and smooth. This method is the best, but can be time consuming. I do the full wrap once a week or when I have somewhere to go and need that extra confidence. I would suggest giving yourself an at home spa day and do this with some other masks or treatments to accomplish a full body treatment. (Multitask it) It makes my abs smoother and all of my skin looks younger. I love the bottle design with the pump. It makes application that much easier. There is a slight warming sensation that you feel after the cream has settled in and especially after you remove the wraps from your body (in my case thighs and abdomen).

Product Description

ARGAN THERMOACTIVE SLIMMING SERUM is the innovative anti-cellulite body shaping treatment. Formula rich in argan oil stimulates the process of adipose tissue burning and effectively reduces cellulite. 24-carat GOLD, acting in synergy with bioHyaluron Slim ComplexTM and caffeine, effectively stimulates microcirculation in subcutaneous tissue, eliminates toxins and fatty acids accumulated in cells and as a result visibly eliminates cellulite. Plant stem cells - PhytoCellTecTM - activate weak and sleeping stem cells in skin thus stimulate its natural regeneration. This allows to eliminate cellulite in a natural way. Unique plant milk Chufa Milk EC, rich in precious vitamins and minerals, acting in synergy with laminaria algae and natural betaine deeply nourishes, moisturises and invigorates epidermis. 
THERMAL ACTION: delicate warming of epidermis allows for immediate penetration of active ingredients deep into skin, ensuring maximum effects of slimming treatment. 
APPLICATION: twice a day massage the product with circular movements into body parts affected with excessive adipose tissue and cellulite (waist, buttocks, thighs). Perform the massage until fully absorbed. Pleasant warming sensation and slight redness accompanying application is the guarantee of immediate action. The warmth maintains for approximately 30-40 minutes. First results may be noticed after approximately 3-4 weeks of regular application. To maintain the achieved effect it is recommended to apply serum all year round, 2-3 times a week. Wash hands after application. Do not apply during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes contact with the product. 
WARNING: persons with sensitive skin, prone to cracking capillaries or varicose veins formation should not use the product.

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