Saturday, September 12, 2015

Amare Terra Is Now Simply Earth, same great products, new name- Take Away The Stank!

I'm so happy! I got to try 2 more products from this fantastic company in their all new metal bottles which will keep the essential oils active for much much longer than the previous clear plastic bottles. They are now Simply Earth with a jazzy website and the same great mission and products.

 Natural Sports Odor Eliminator & Sports Gear Deodorizer

Natural Sports Odor Eliminator & Sports Gear Deodorizer
Natural Air & Fabric Freshener
All Natural Shoe Odor Eliminator Spray - Great Shoe Spray for Work, Sports, or Every Day Shoes

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Product Description

Tried everything else to get rid of the stank in your shoes?

Amare Terra' all natural shoe and foot deodorizer is made in the USA and uses a premium quality essential oils and beneficial bacteria to keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh. This blend destroys the bad bacteria that are causing the odor and allows the beneficial bacteria to thrive.

NO Toxic Chemicals, Only All Natural Ingredients

Toxic chemicals from other shoe deodorizers end up absorbing into your feet and loading your system with unnecessary toxins. With our all natural foot and shoe spray, you can finally deodorize with a product that is actually good for your skin.

Stink Free Guarantee. 100% Satisfied or your Money Back!

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