Friday, February 6, 2015

Naturalico Cross Fit Speed Jump Rope from Bella Naturals

I received this jump rope from Bella Naturals in exchange for an unbiased review. And if you know me, then you have to know that the idea of getting to act like a 5 year old had me squealing with glee :-D
No, that is not my hairy arm. I have dainty lady arms. 

Seriously, this thing is RAD. When I was a kid, I loooooooved jumping rope and for some reason those crappy braided cloth ones worked just fine, but as an adult I discovered that it was like trying to jump with an extra long piece of cooked spaghetti. I've been wanting to get a 'real' jump rope for a while but just never got around to it. Well I'm so glad I got the chance to review this thing! It doesn't flop around or get tangled in your legs; it moves cleanly and smoothly. See the ball bearings by the handles? These allow the rope to twirl beautifully. I was simply unaware that you could get such fluid movement. It's incredibly lightweight while still being sturdy and with the enclosed carrying bag, it's easy to toss into your purse to carry around for impromptu exercise. Awesome way to get in a few minutes on your break at work! The coolest part? It's length adjustable to my midget self AND my 6'4" fiance can both comfortably use it. There's even a handy dandy card to help you get the exact right adjustment for height and fitness level. Exercise doesn't have to be boring- revisit your inner kid and jump to your heart's content! Oh, and did I mention the LIFETIME guarantee? Yep. #jumpropecrossfit

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