Sunday, February 1, 2015

Indie-A-Go-Go : Where are they now? SBS Teas

This is a company that I raved about (and ordered from constantly for years, and here's a story I wrote about them. So where are the now?

I don't drink a lot of coffee, because I've seen what it does to it's dedicated adherents. My poor husband is so addicted that he'll get a raging headache if he goes without, and I know when I've had it more than a few days in a row, I was sluggish and unable to wake up without it. Tea however- oh am I ever a tea gal. I generally go back and forth between rooibos, tisanes, and caffeinated. Today is a caffeine day, so I turned to my beloved SBS Teas Ice Wine black tea.
To make ice wine, Vidal or Riesling grapes are left on the vine until after the first frost hits: usually in late November. The grapes area picked on freezing cold nights when the temperature is less than 17 degrees. At this temperature the frozen grapes are as hard as marbles and thus during pressing, water is driven out as shards of ice. This leaves a highly concentrated juice very high in acids, sugars, and aromatics--the required elements for perfect ice wine. This premium high grown Ceylon tea, infused with natural flavors and Ice wine captures the romance and flavor of this exotic treat. There are beguiling sweet pear notes with hints of berry and caramel. YUM!!!

I love that they also sell a Personal Tea Bag, an environmentally friendly paper filter specially designed for loose-leaf teas. Simply put tea into bag, fold the flap and smooth and use just like a regular tea bag. There is even a string with a paper tab for easy manipulation. These are great for me to keep on hand at work for my loose teas since it's a pain to clean out a tea ball here. (though I DO still need to get a few new ones, just in case.)

Not only are SBS Teas prices supremely low, but they also have awesome gift sets and their grab bags ROCK! These make for super  presents and at the same time you get to support an independently owned business! Right now they're having a blowout sale on their beautiful stoneware and porcelain mugs- only $1.50 each! One of these with a $5.00 tea grab bag and you just put together a gift that looks like it cost WAAAAAAY more!

So where are the now? Well, since then, the owner Barb put the company up for sale and my awesome tea needs had to be sent elsewhere. I miss the variety, the personal service and the amazing prices on hand blended, small batch teas.

So I did do some looking and found what I hope can be replacements- I found a gourmet icewine tea here-

And some very promising disposable and biodegradable tea bags.

RIP, SBS Teas. Don't forget, support handmade so we don't lose our favorites!

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