Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Elleda Organic Vitamin C 20% Serum

  I am a firm believer in the wonders of serum; they give your skin targeted treatment that goes way above and beyond what a standard moisturizer can do. If you want to reinvent your skin, vitamin C serum is a great place to start. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, increases collagen production, fades dark spots, reduces redness and irritation and increases the effectiveness of sunscreens. Wow! So as you can see, it's worth the extra 30 seconds to pat some of this stuff into your skin!

I was really impressed by the Elleda serum! It's a 20% serum, which is a perfect ratio of vitamin C to carriers and other ingredients. The first thing they did was to put it in a dark glass bottle which maintains the stability and efficacy of the C (which can be a very delicate and easily degraded ingredient).
Then they included hyaluronic acid, a powerful  ingredient that increases your skins ability to retain moisture, witch hazel which tightens pores and helps with acne and eczema, along with the healing powers of vitamin E, aloe and jojoba oil.

This water light formula absorbs into the skin pretty much immediately and leaves it feeling bright, and nourished. Pores are minimized, moisturizer absorbs better and the skin looks more youthful, along with fine lines and redness being minimized. Oh yeah! Organic ingredients to boot!

This normally retails for $59.95, so this is a 65% discount currently on Amazon. If you're looking for a serum, I highly recommend this one.


While I did receive this for review purposes, the opinions expressed are totally my own. I seriously am in love with this serum! #elleda

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