Friday, December 28, 2012

The first Birchbox to totally irritate me :-) Back To School Birchbox

Birchbox: August 2012

Normally I'm a total nutcase about my Birchbox, but the August one really ticked me off. So technically, I'm being a bit of a baby about this one, but I've gotten so used to Birchbox being super awesome that this one was a giant let down. Not one but TWO self tanning products? Pale is beautiful! Natural redheads look STUPID with tans! Do they send skin bleaching creams to african americans? I'll try almost anything once, but self tanners is where I draw the line.

Comodynes Hydra-Tanning Face Moisturizing Summer Glow 900x900

And the Beauty Fixation Makeup Removers? I simply cannot wrap my brain around being SO freaking lazy that you can't dip a q-tip into a bottle of makeup remover. "no, I must have a specially formulated q-tip filled with makeup remover! I am not happy unless I'm spending 500 times the extra money for a concept!"
Beauty Fixation Make Up Remover

Okay, I like Juicy Couture, really I do. I don't even mind getting perfume samples, though a lot of bloggers grouse like crazy about it. But when they send out a perfume sample, i really prefer something obscure or ridonculously expensive. You can't swing a dead cat in a mall without hitting 20 free JC samples.
Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur

Now it wasn't all irritation. They included this Schick Hydro Silk razor that I LOVE. That right there sells for the $10 that the Birchbox costs. 5 blades so it gets even the knobbiest of knees with no nicks. One of the softest, smoothest shaves of my life. Replaceable heads so you aren't being a giant landfill dumper. Water activated moisturizing serum that keeps moisturizing your legs for 2 HOURS after you've shaved. One of the comfiest, most ergonomic razors I've ever used.
Schick Hydro Silk Razor

I found this great deal on Amazon where even with shipping you save money AND get a free can of shaving cream.

Then there's the DDF cleanser. Ironically, a brightening cleanser (which is basically skin bleaching.) I have it in my cabinet since I already am using another cleanser, but I can say that I love DDF products, no holds barred.

DDF® Brightening Cleanser

So whah- I got way more than what I spent. I just saw what so many other people got and I felt shafted. Still, considering that I've gotten these for 2 years and this is the first time I've gotten all whiny? Not too shabby. And my whiny product reviews scored me 60 Birchbox points which is the equivalent of $6.00 cash to spend on any full sized item in the Birchbox store, so I can't be too bitchy!

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