Thursday, December 27, 2012

Awesome Amazon Deal Of The Day

I'm always finding super cool things just randomly on Amazon and realized I should share them! So I'm putting a widget on the side of the screen where I'll try to find some new piece of awesomeness each day, and I'll share them here! So to start things off, a few months ago I found these pieces of jewelry for so cheap it made my brain hurt. In the case of all 3 items, I got them crazy fast. They barely even charged shipping! The peacock pieces are a perfect match and I get crazy tons of compliments on them, especially the hair clips.

The owl necklace looks like something that was in your mom's jewelry box left over from 1971- just the way I like it! Every time I wear it, I get asked if it's vintage. Nope- Brand spanking new! Looks AWESOME with turtlenecks.

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