Thursday, December 20, 2012

September Glam Bag By Ipsy "Beauty By You" w/ product reviews

Jane Sparkle Gloss in Sparkle Pink Full Sized $3.33

I really liked the color, but the weird chemical taste and scent threw me off, especially since this was made in China. From what I understand, this is a cheapy drugstore brand. If Ipsy is going to include cheapie brands, I wish they'd at least be quality cheapies!

Soho Smudge Brush $5.97

A very soft brush with no shedding. Lightweight aluminum handle makes using it a breeze. Once I crimped the edges a bit so they weren't so sharp it turned into quite a serviceable little tool. Not the best on the planet or anything, but a good deal for the price.

Mirabella Eye Color in Semiformal  $10.00
A beautiful teddy bear brown. Applies smoothly and cleanly with no fallout. Long lasting and crease resistant.

Carol's Daughter Monoi Split End Sealer .38 oz $5.59

I LOVE this stuff! Really does what it says. Apply it to your split ends and they will stop splitting until you can get your trim! I appreciate the fact that they don't pretend to FIX split ends (anyone who says they can reverse split ends is a LIAR) and it really does bring your splits to a sudden halt. EXCELLENT product. Also makes your ends look sooooo much smoother and neat.

Circus By Andrea's Choice Nail Color in Tightrope $5.99

WHHHAAAAAAA! I LOVE this color sooooooo much, why did it have to chip within a few hours of application? That just makes me SAD. Andrea's Choice is a brand put out by Ipsy (MyGlam) via one of the Glammie Girls, Andrea. My husband is a photographer and I showed him the ad for this polish. Then I asked him what it was an ad for. His guess? "ummmm, shoes?" Somewhat telling that she's hiding her chipped nails behind her back :-)

Total value $30.88 Considering the whole shebang is 10 bucks, this is a pretty nice little haul for the price.

And FINALLY! A QUALITY makeup bag that didn't arrive with a broken zipper looking like something from the dollar store! Whoo hoo! This was their first bag after changing their name from MyGlam to Ipsy and I think they did it deliberately to sort of shed some of the negative images. The overall quality improved drastically, as well as a new website that's a true social community. I love how they're really focusingon cosmetics, which I know I am loving- I am a makeup ho! They're really upping their game and I can't wait to see where they go next!

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