Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Total Beauty Collection - A look back at the first one

The first collection back in May was $10 and had about $20 worth of product. It's mind blowing how quickly they have built up the Collection. Heck, I was happy with this one which now looks skeebly in comparison to the Collections now! What made me so happy was the QUALITY of the products. I'd rather have a really good deluxe sample of something than a full sized item that's complete trash. These are all products that I was HAPPY and excited to try out. TotalBeauty.com has been my go to beauty site for quite some time, they have excellent articles, reviews and tutorials and it's great to see the opinions of thousands of real people on the products I want to know more about. What's also cool is that you can decided month to month after seeing what's in the collection whether you want to get one that month. Granted, you also take the chance that it'll sell out before you get yours which happened to me before and it sucked- that was a great month! Once you sign up for the mailing list though, you'll get a notification when they go on sale. 

-.3 oz Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil ($24 for 1.7 oz, estimated value $4.24)

Bamboo Smooth Pure Kendi Treatment Oil
Bamboo Smooth Pure Kendi Treatment Oil
Instantly absorbing Bamboo Smooth Pure Kendi Treatment Oil by Alterna can be used as a treatment or style primer to banish frizz and imparts intense shine while providing vital nutrients. Best for use on medium to thick hair types.

-.09 oz Senna Lip Lacquer in Awake ($19 for .25 oz, estimated value $6.84)

-.15 oz likewise Daily Skincare Moisturizer/Sunscreen ($44 for 1.69 oz, estimated value $3.91)
facial moisturizer normal to oily skin  50 ml (1.69 fl oz)
-.1 oz Scientific Organics emerginC Phytocell Detox Mask ($50 for 1.69 oz, estimated value $2.96)

emerginC phytocell detox mask
emerginC phytocell detox mask
Have a radiant glow about your skin with emerginC phytocell detox mask. An effective Frenchgreenclaybased detox mask designed to draw out impurities, nourish, soothe, brighten, fight freeradical damage and improve tone and texture.

-.006 oz Pixi Eye Bright Primer ($18 for .08 oz, estimated value $1.35)

Pixi Eye Bright Primer was developed with advanced cosmetic technology to ensure a long-lasting, crease-proof eye color. It reflects light to even out the tone and color of your skin and it helps give life and energy to the delicate skin on your lids and around your eyes. It is a hypoallergenic formula that is free from fragrance, wax, talc, and parabens. It also absorbs excess skin oils and helps your eyes obtain that air-brushed look.

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