Thursday, September 27, 2012

Foodzie (now on Joyus) Brunch Cooking Box & $10 credit

I had my concerns about Joyus acquiring Foodzie, but it seems like they're doing a great job so far- my only complaint being that they don't do the cooking boxes anymore! Boo! Well, I say that, but they do currently have up the pizza grilling box (which I've gotten and reviewed previously and might just get another one). They also have a coconut themed box and they just released the fall flavors box which looks interesting..... I love the videos that Emily does giving you a real idea of the box- nice touch! What's super cool though? If you join through THIS LINK you get a $10 credit. 

The Brunch Cooking Box gave a great idea of their customer service- one of my items broke and they immediately gave me a credit for 50% off my next box! To receive such a variety of curated luxe foods for the low price of $29.95 is a delight, and while I do have stores like Central market and Whole Foods, I enjoy getting products that I might not have ever thought of buying myself or that are from such small boutique companies that they'd never be available to me locally.

What was in this box?

Bunnery Natural Foods  Pancake & Waffle Mix (retail $5.95)

Ci Ci's Handmade Italian Butterhorns (retail $8.99)

Ben's Sugar Shack maple syrup (retail $3.25)

Belle Chevre Tuscan Marinated Goat Cheese (retail $12.50)

Sticky Fingers Bakery lemon curd (retail $5.99)

So the retail value of this box was $36.68, and when you consider that I'd have to pay shipping individually on each of these fabu items, I saved even more. And believe me- it's worth it! I wound up buying some of the butterhorns cause I totally had to have some and they blew my mind- they were amazing dipped in the lemon curd!

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The Crafty Angel (aka Manicured/Headacheslayer) said...

I was SO bummed about Foodzie but I'm getting to love Joyus (I just liked the convenience of not having to purchase each box).

Oooh that box looks awesome, I will have to keep an eye out for it if it comes back! The goat cheese alone looks nummy!

I just got the fall box and the pizza box, they should be here soon :D Now I just need to photograph all my food boxes and post them on my food blog lol.

Those butterhorns are delish--I bought some right before Foodzie closed. Enjoy your goodies :)