Friday, September 14, 2012

The good the bad and the ugly, armpit edition

Finding a good deodorant can be tricky, especially if you live in a hot climate like I do. Often I do try to go the natural route just because I feel safer healthwise with those choices, but on some dog days of summer, I just HAVE to wear antiperspirant.

The GOOD: Thanks to Green Grab Bag, I was introduced to a natural deodorant by EO.
Organic Deodorant - Vetiver 636874040806 It's actually made with organic ingredients as well as not containing the aluminum that causes concern for so many. It's a spray so it's easy to use and you don't miss any spots. I got the Vetiver which smells AMAZING. It also has a cooling effect which I found quite soothing when I sprayed a refresher on after getting all hot and sweaty.
  • Contains essential oil blends for aroma therapeutic benefits:
  • Lavender: a blend of two organic lavender essential oils for a fresh aroma therapeutic effect
  • Citrus: a blend of organic essential oils of lavender, grapefruit, geranium, rosemary and vetiver for a clean aroma therapeutic effect
  • Vetiver: a blend of organic essential oils of vetiver, bergamot, grapefruit, geranium, lavender and cedarwood for a cool aroma therapeutic effect
The only downside is that if you're going to be doing any sweating, you'll need to carry the bottle with to reapply during the day. I found it to be effective for about 4 hours during August.

The Bad:
Fresh Sugar antiperspirant
Fresh - Sugar Deodorant Antiperspirant
If I'm going to pay $18, it should at least work, right? I love the other Fresh products and I SOOOOOO wanted to love this, but it just doesn't work for me at all. It's a roll on and it's a bit sticky and takes a long time to dry- I had to walk around with my arms in the air for some time before I could get dressed. What's so weird about it is that I stayed DRY but somehow would wind up smelling like a homeless person within hours, even though I wasn't doing anything at all strenuous! So if I'm not hot, I'm not sweating- why would my armpits suddenly smell like the Trinity River on a hot day? It's like this stuff has a split personality and decides to transform into stink juice.

The Ugly:
Biotherm Deo Pure By Biotherm - Antiperspirant Stick, 1.41 oz Biotherm Deo Pure. Okay, promise me you won't laugh at me. This stuff is imported and costs $28.00. It's alcohol free and meant for sensitive skin, so I thought it might be a good summer choice since the heat makes my pits all prickly. Okay, and honestly I also was curious about just how awesome a $28 antiperspirant would be ;-) Um- WOW. It SUX. Within the hour I was sweating profusely which turned into a ghastly BO. I didn't even use it all up, that's how useless it is. Putting baby powder under your pits is more effective. Boy did I learn my lesson on that one!

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