Friday, September 21, 2012

Shoe Dazzle Haul and 20% off first purchase

Sign Up Here to join Shoe Dazzle and get your first pair of shoes for 20% off!

Something I like about Shoe Dazzle that's a little different from some other membership sites is that you don't have to make the effort to go online and choose to skip a month- you order shoes when you feel like it with no financial obligation or hoops to jump through. They also now carry a wide range of items, including FABU jewelry. They are also now making things different prices, you aren't generally going to pay the same for a pair of flats as you would for heels, for example. While the average price is $39.95, they do vary depending on the item. They also have effortless free returns and excellent customer service.

Itsfurreal_black_z_lifestyle-miniToday's Treat: Take 25% Off Any Fall Wedge You Want for 1 Day Only - Shop Now
Look at these awesome shoes they just put up the other day.........These are AWESOME.

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