Monday, September 17, 2012

Out All Night With My Glam (and they are apparently now IPSY) & 20% off code for Ulta

   Well, I went to the Myglam page today only to discover that they have changed their name to Ipsy. Not sure why they decided to change their name since they have such name recognition now, but maybe since they've been working on improving the program so much, they want a fresh start. I think Myglam is the much better name, but that's just my humble opinion. Update: now that I know the meaning behind the name, I'm liking it! They are totally revamping the website, it looks like it's going to be much more user friendly and community oriented, which is great. It's still in beta testing so there's kinks to work out, but it's only been up as the new site for a few days. 

So they truly have gotten into their groove with this fabulous bag- I was completely happy with everything in it- not a dud in the bunch. Yay for no more generic, Made In China dollar store items! Let me clarify- the literal bag included that the items came in was AWFUL. It had this horrible dead fish smell and was incredibly flimsy and cheap looking. I gave it to one of my little girls on the block with the caveat that she not put it in her mouth :) I also got some nastiness on my You Tube posting of this video because it seems that a lot of the followers of the different Glam Girls are VERY touchy and didn't like my saying that the bag was crap :O Let me reiterate- the ITEMS were fabulous! Good grief, I am allowed to have an opinion last time I checked!


Items in the bag were:
Round Case Lipstick
 in Eucalyptus  Full size included- retail $4.00
I LOVE this color. Every time I wear it I get a ton of compliments. I went out of town this weekend and this is the tube of lipstick that I made sure to have with me. It's a flattering color and that raspberry pop of color really brightens up your face. They have a freaking astounding SEVENTY shades available! The lipstick itself is fabulous, I can't believe that it's a bargain brand. It's creamy, smooth, moist and at least this color leaves a stain so that when it wears off you don't have ring mouth. 4 out of 5 lips on Ulta. I have been consistently impressed with NYX products and this was no exception. With Ulta's 20% off, you can get a tube for next to nada.

20% Off Entire Purchase at Ulta! Valid online only through 9/22/2012. Use Code 80028. Exclusions app

Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Gel Cream Moisturizer .4oz sample value $6.80 I haven't used this yet since I'm just finishing up my RAW Skincare moisturizer, but as a rule, Philosophy skincare is wonderful and I'm excited to try out this new formulation. This is why I get beauty samplers, to try out new things!

Living Proof Frizz  Nourishing Styling Cream 60ml $13 value I'm waiting for the weather to get cooler before I try this, I have very fine hair and so in the warmer months frizz is the last of my worries. Cooler weather is coming though, and that's when I get the frizzies. I'll let you know, but I have high hopes since Living Proof shampoo is awesome.
Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen Full size $20
I had never heard of this company before, but again, trying new stuff is why I get these. This gives a very precise line that can be as thick or as thin as you want. It makes EXCELLENT cat eyes and even the clumsiest with liquid liner can use these easily. The tip is also dual sided so when the tip gets worn you can flip it over and have a fresh tip. Brilliant! Marbella is a German brand and are apparently quite popular there.

So holy cow! The total value on this bag was a whopping $43.80 for only $10! Definitely a good deal. I know I'm always saying that it's not a "how much can I get" game, but I'm certainly not going to complain. 

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