Monday, June 18, 2012

May Umba Unboxing

WWW.UMBABOX.COM- an awesome way to learn about new artisans and receive FULL SIZE handmade items. $26 a month with each box being retailed at equal or greater value (plus, you're saving the shipping on each item which shoves the value WAAAAAAY over the $26 fee.) These are not little slivers and snatches of items to give you a sample, these are full sized items. The focus is on items that will appeal more towards women since there's been jewelry, purses and scarves in previous boxes. The company has really been taking off and getting a lot of exposure, so I imagine soon they'll have sellers banging down their doors to be included- I can only imagine that they'll keep getting better and better, since each box has been better than the last! 

I'll let them tell you about the individual sellers in this box

This month we had so many goodies in our different boxes we didn’t know what to do with ourselves!  Here are some of the great finds that our subscribers got this month!  (note:  we sent out two different boxes - every subscriber received some combination of these awesome items)
Kristin knows how to make sense of scents! A lip balm enthusiast who understands the need for good quality products and sees that the market for pleasing lip balms scents is scarce.   She finds they are just too juvenile or desserty or just uninspired, so last summer she and her husband saw room to create balms that would appeal to men and women with interesting, grown-up scents.  They use incredible ingredients (all organic oils, butters and essential oils) to create interesting scents using only essential oils derived from plants. Prepare your lips to feel amazing! Find more at
2. APRIL FROM A.I. PAPER DESIGN - Vase Fridge Magnet
April has been making pretty things with paper since 1996.  She sold them at art fairs to make some extra money during college & that led to pursuing her passion full time.  Now she sells a variety of hand crafted paper goods to stores across the US as well as in her own retail shops located in Michigan.  She loves handmade goods because they have loads more meaning & character than any mass produced product out there. Find more at
Shirley started creating pretty handmade items while at home on maternity leave with her third child. Living in New England provides her with a never-ending flow of fabulous inspiration through the changing of the seasons. The yellow and green clips are a perfect example of her looking to summer for beautiful inspiration and will look great in your hair! Shop for more at
John knows that at the center of their company’s creative roots are handmade items. They started out with yarn and his mothers crocheting skills making beautiful hats and now their artistic passions have grown into a global business. The people they choose to collaborate with on projects shows their desire to make amazing quality products. They collaborated with Lisa of SOAP AND PAPER COMPANY to make these wonderful owl candles, part of a line of candles with delicate yet dramatic drawings (and they smell so yummy!) Find more at and


Natalie Roseanne Peploe said...

The summer lip balm looks lovely :) and the hair clips areso cute! xxx

The Beauty Pirate said...

I have been wearing the clips CONSTANTLY since I got them. They're crazy sturdy.