Monday, June 11, 2012

April Beauty Box 5

April was a bit of a stumble back for Beauty Box 5. I was super happy with the previous boxes, and the May box they jumped way back up in quality- but the April box? Phhhhbbbbt. It's not that it wasn't good products, but as I am constantly saying, individual packettes should not count as a full item when you tell me I'll get 5 items. The monetary value on this box was actually a tidge LESS than the monthly subscription price. Thank goodness they found their footing, a second box like this one and I'd have been long gone, daddy-o. I have to say though, that they did fulfill the main reason why I love sampler programs like this though. I was introduced to Smith's Rosebud Salve, and that stuff is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Happy they got their act back together and I will definitely keep 'em coming as long as the quality continues to stay high. They're VERY new, so a stumble at the beginning is to be expected. I also like that they offer different subscription options. 

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