Thursday, August 12, 2010

They can't all be winners......

Sigh. I love Urban Decay products. Truly, I do. But I think they jumped the shark with their new De-Slick In A Tube Mattifying Gel. The first time I used it, it kept 'pilling' up on my skin and I had to remove little clumps of it. I did some research online and decided to try applying it by dabbing instead of rubbing. That made my foundation look cakey. Then I tried putting it on my t-zone only. An hour later my face was so shiny I had to use a loose powder anyway. But does it actually work, you ask? I found my face looked oilier than if I just used a light dusting of powder and blotting papers and it seemed to make my makeup fade away within a few hours. Reject pile.....

On the bright side, Herbal Essences Set Me Up Hairspray w Cactus Flower & Bamboo Max Hold is a drugstore fave. I was able to put my bangs into a mini pomp that stayed ALL DAY with NO PINS. This is not the spray to use if you want soft touchable hold. This is for hair helmet. Max hold is no joke. I woke up this morning with roughly the SAME hairdo. Seriously.
It says on the can "I'm powerful and strong so I can hold your style with luscious shine, maybe even through a tornado." I think it just might. And it actually smells good! Rockin!

And here I go, torn again. LOVE Too Faced. Their Galaxy Glam shadows are deelovely. I have the whole set to be honest- no one can eat just one. (Theoretically I wouldn't recommend eating them, by the by.) My only complaint is that in the packaging it looks as if the shimmery silvery swirls would be more obvious, but they're so spread out that it really is just enough to calm down what could be a scary Dairy Queen waitress blue.  No offense to DQ gals, You women are lovely and I will kill a person for a soft serve- besides, my grandparents owned a DQ.....I am digging that you can get the effect of piling on three or four different shadows all out of one pot, but you don't really have a lot of control over how they go on. Again, NOT slamming it- just wish it was easier to decide which parts went where. I say, buy one, see how you like the application then decide if you want to go whole hog.
Addendum: After much self examination (i.e.- staring at myself in the mirror) I decided that there's more to this one than meets the eye (har har!) It really does give a swirly galaxy look to your lids that's pretty ethereal. Wanna try it out for cheapers? Go to Brigette's - At Sephora or what have you, one jar of this is twenty bucks. Brigette's has it for- I KID YOU NOT-nine smackers. That's cheaper than getting something at CVS. I checked, and they have 8 different colors currently available.

now at All Cosmetics Wholesale they have a lipgloss that looks absolutely perfect with this shadow, with a very pouty, ingenue thing going on. It's from Rocket City and the gloss line is called Take Me To Your Leader. The color I'm wearing is ZAP! and it's only $1.99. This one is everything a gloss should be. Moist, shiny, absorbent, and SUPER highly pigmented. It leaves an all day stain, as if you've been eating berries. now the rock hard brush that comes with it is a total waste of time- I apply it with a finger. I can't speak for other skin tones, but on my fair skin it's tres' chic.

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