Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Want My Mommy!

Okay, so some folks know that I was in a pretty horrific accident and completely screwed up my face. Don't believe me?
This pic was taken almost a WEEK after the accident.See the really bunged up eye? It took a week to open it even a slit and over 3 weeks later, I'm still wearing (appropriately) an eye patch. Needless to say, I've needed some TLC. My shoulder and my right boobie looked like hamburger and that banged up shoulder was dislocated, making it extremely difficult to so much as brush my teeth. My husband had to bathe and dress me the first week or so, and I can FINALLY lift my arm horizontal to my side.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I was pleased to have a few items help me on the road to recovery. (Besides the pain killers, that is!) I won't go into all of them now, since I can still only see out of one eye, making typing a challenge, but here's a few of my new friends......

Thank you SkincareRX for sending me what seemed like odd choices in a few of my Beauty Caches! Perhaps they have a psychic on staff.
I began taking this as soon as I got home and BOY did it make a huge difference! My actual bruises disappeared so fast I was astounded. I bruise quite easily, and my whole body was black, but within a week of taking these, the bruising on my body was almost nonexistent. My hubby found it downright freaky, because bruises tend to stick around for weeks on my body. I plan to start keeping a pack of this around for my everyday bangs and oopsies, because those are a frequent occurrence for me. Seriously, this was some amazing help.

This light as air moisturizer/sun screen has protected my extremely delicate skin during it's recuperation. Sun exposure can worsen scarring, but many of the moisturizers with sunscreen that I tried hurt so freakin' bad! It absorbs instantly and blessing of blessings, doesn't sting even where my stitches were! (I applied this over my stitched up areas and even my "hamburger" spots on my face and experienced no painful sensation at all.) A tiny bit goes a long way, so I'll be able to use this as a daily moisturizer for a while, even after I'm totally healed.

The eye looks pretty nasty, right? I was able to apply this stuff DIRECTLY to my injured eye area and it didn't hurt a BIT. In fact, it was quite soothing! The opthomologist was actually quite surprised by how quickly my eye area healed, and I feel I have this amazing eye cream to thank.


"What it is and What it does

This exclusive BORBA eye cream is formulated with Soy and silk fiber helps soothe the delicate eye area, locking in vital moisture for improved softness, smoothness, and more youthful looking skin. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide works with skin’s own natural collagen to help diminish signs of aging, softening visible lines and wrinkles. Skin brighteners help diminish the look of dark circles. This luxurious, multi-benefit eye treatment is designed to minimize the look of fine lines and crow’s feet while re-energizing a younger appearance."
All I know is it helped me tremendously.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than skin trying to heal up that gets dried out and starts pulling. I would be woken out of a deep sleep almost shouting in pain because I shifted and the skin on my shoulder or chest pulled. While I did use this on my face as well, I discovered that it helped my road rash bits significantly. OH SO SOOTHING! I can't believe this is simply water. It's some sort of magic water, apparently.

about the product
The fountain of youth now comes bottled. Avene Thermal Spring Water gives you the skin rejuvenation benefits of France's acclaimed thermal springs in an easy-to-use aerosol bottle. Simply mist over your face and body for instant hydration.
10.58 fl. oz.
who it's for
Ideal for sensitive skin; safe for all skin types and pregnant women.
what it's for
To set makeup, to soothe and soften skin, to alleviate facial redness and irritation associated with psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea, to calm skin after shaving, and to relieve skin stressed by dermatalogical procedures.
key ingredients
Pure Thermal Spring Water with Silica leaves a soothing barrier over the skin."
So goshdarnit, thank you Skincare RX for actually RX-ing my skin!
(and when I get a chance, I'll get somebody to take a non-autopsy photo of me so you can see how well these things really worked!) 

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