Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to read the numbers on your produce

On all produce you should find a small sticker with some numbers on it .What do the numbers on fruit and veggies mean in the grocery store?
A little education on the numbers:

Four digit numbers starting with 3 or 4 mean:
non-GMO, conventionally grown

Five digit numbers starting with 8 mean:
the produce is GMO

Five digit numbers beginning with 9 mean:
organically grown
Which one is the best?

USDA organically grown/local: best
Conventional: 2nd best
GMO : not enough research done on genetically modified organisms.
However; animals, if given the choice will not eat it...hmmmm...sound scary? Yes, it is!
In my opinion, beauty comes from within, and i'm not just talking about your soul! I mean by eating healthy foods that haven't been irradiated and filled with chemicals, too!

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