Monday, August 9, 2010

Sorry for the delay, gals.

I've had drama galore recently.
1. Laid off at one of the libraries I work for.
2. Grandpa died.
3. So sick I was a hair from hospitalization.
4. mother-in-law came for annual visit.
5. Baby brother came for annual visit.


So I had a sampler review video ready to go, but seems that some of the people in the box are upset that I gave you guys coupon codes to order from them. I thought they'd be happy for the extra customers and publicity, but apparently not. So now I have to redo the video to remove any references to available coupons or discounts. So give me a few more days to redo the whooooole entire thing. (Cause yeah- I'm spending HOURS of my time promoting the businesses of people I don't know because I have NOTHING better to do. )  Believe it or not, doing these takes HOURS of my time,  I spend my own money to do it, and and trust me, I have lots of hobbies, housework and friends. (and right now 2 jobs and in the fall working on my Master's Degree.)  I spend hours of my time trying to help promote home businesses because I believe in what they're doing, but there's always someone who has to look the gift horse in the mouth. Wow. Talk about being drenched by a bucket of wet water. I'm almost heartbroken now and want to go back to just talking about Maybelline and Estee Lauder. I'm sort of torn. I don't know if it's even worth trying to help out people who don't even have the cajones to talk to me themselves but have to shoot the messenger and make a poor gal who's simply trying to do the same thing (promote tiny home based businesses) to do their dirty work. If it was me, I'd say the more the merrier. Isn't that the point of publicity? To PUBLICIZE YOUR BUSINESS?!?!?!

Enough ranting. This made me have to take a Xanax. Seriously. No joke. Hi, I'm a horse. I came as a gift. Wanna look in my mouth? Wow. Bet you didn't even KNOW I was a real human being with feelings, didya?

UPDATE: I actually almost deleted this, because it seems inappropriate for me to express my personal feelings (outside of complaining about I lipgloss I don't like), but darn the torpedoes. I cannot help but be me. And ME is an occasionally cranky person.


mae said...

LOL!!! We <3 you at The Cupcake Coalition and you are allowed to guest blog when ever you would like! Don't let the "man" get you down, remember, when the consumer is united, we will never be divided!!!


mae said...

also, if it makes you feel any better, I got kicked off etsy.


The Beauty Pirate said...

you made my day, darlin!

Out of the Box Sampler said...

So sorry to hear this. Hope it wasn't from our sampler boxes. Some businesses just don't get it, do they. Never turn down free advertising! Word of mouth is what gets you noticed.

I appreciate all you do!!