Thursday, January 22, 2015

Smacked on today's gob....... FRESH AND LANCOME (including a link to some super cheap Lancome steals!)

fresh Umbrian Clay Concealer

Thank you Amazon for having this now hard to find concealer! A little goes a loooooong way with this amazing cover-up. I've had the same tube for a couple of YEARS now and I'm just now about to use it up. I have very fair skin and have difficulty finding concealers that don't scream "hey, guess what horrid discoloration is hiding under me?" Why is it that every time I find a product that is perfect for me it goes away? It doesn't feel cakey or heavy yet somehow still manages to completely hide all your grossness. If applied with a concealer brush, it becomes absolutely invisible. Using this with some loose powder completely sidesteps foundation for a flawless yet natural look. Bonus- it actually contains ingredients that help to unclog pores!

Lancome Photogenic Loose Powder
is perfect over the concealer- the combo gives that 'magazine photo of a smiling girl in a park who's supposed to not be wearing makeup' makeup. SO OF COURSE it too got discontinued in lieu of heavier mineral based powders. Believe you me, there is a s***storm going on over at the Makeup Alley boards about it! This was a HG for decades for so many people then poof! It's perfect for combination skin, my t-zone doesn't get slimy but my dry cheeks don't get peely or chalky. It lasts all day long, it is a workhorse! Because it's so long lasting, a single jar WILL last you a year easy. It also gives a lovely natural glow, avoiding that overly made up, powdery look. Seriously, there are books by professional makeup artists who rave about it. You'll have to scour Ebay for this one, dangit.

At least Lancome Juicy Tubes still exist!  I'm pretty sure there'd be rioting in the streets if they quit making those babies. Raspberry Ice is possibly my favorite color, a hint of color with a ton of glee inducing sparkle.

If you don't like sparkle- steer clear of the Raspberry Ice! I love that I can wear it and not look gaudy but still have a little sly wink of my "me" poking out ;-) Rated a 4.5 out of 5 on Makeup Alley, this delicious fruity flavored gloss has tremendous staying power and leaves your lips feeling hydrated and soft. The sparkle makes your lips look Angelina full too! Right now, one of my favorite online shops, Brigette's Boutique has them on sale for $4.95 yo! (they actually have a crap ton of Lancome stuff, by the by....) 

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