Friday, December 27, 2013

Sponge Mattia Firming Eye Gel - OUCH!

You know what this stuff does? It firms and brightens! You know what else it does? It burns and makes you scream! Okay, seriously- this a really pricey brand so I was reluctant to not keep giving it a shot, but finally I had to chuck it. The pain just wasn't worth the results. The first time I put it on, at first I was very happy. There was an instant cooling sensation that was really soothing and I could feel the skin tightening. Within about a minute however, the cooling turned into an intensely painful burning sensation that literally made my eyes tear up. I thought maybe my skin just needed time to adjust to using a new eye product, but after a week of the same results, I finally gave up. Maybe it works great for others, but if you have sensitive skin, I recommend giving this a wide berth.

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