Monday, December 23, 2013

Eco Emi products

Eco Emo has been a go to for me for eco friendly beauty and lifestyle products for a coupla years now. For $15, every month I get a box crammed full of the latest and greatest. Seems like every box includes at least one item that becomes a MUST have for me that I would have never heard of without their intervention! You always get a great mix of products, beauty, home, snacks.... I love that they're a small company with a real honest to goodness individual at the helm. Makes them feel homey :-) While it doesn't have that "holy crap, I just got $150 worth of stuff for ten bucks!" thing going on, that's not really the point here. What you're getting is products made with love care and a conscience that you can feel good about using.

I was going crazy trying to remember what eyeshadow I used in this video cause I've decided that I love it. After digging through piles of palettes, I've deduced it to be from the e.l.f. 100 shadow palette.

1) Maximum Curl Defining Cream by Shea Radiance:
This is a leave-in styling hair conditioner which promises to create "perfect curls." 
Retail price: $16 for 8 oz.
2oz included- $4 value
2) Tea Tree Facial Cleanser by Zen Society Skincare:   It is supposed to "brighten" tired and dull skin. Made in the USA. 
Retail price: $16 
2oz incuded- $4 value

3) Vanilla Almond Granola by Ola Foods
Retail price: $5.99 for 9 oz
1oz included - $1.50 value
4)  Copper Kisses Lip Gloss by The All Natural Face: I LOVE this brand and this gloss is absolutely stunning. 
Full size! $4.60 value

5) Star Anise & Coffee Handmade Natural Soap by Dew Puff: Perfect for removing strong odors from your hands. Fish, anyone? 
Full size!  $7 for one 4.5 oz bar

6) Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate by Shaklee
Retail price: $12.15 for 16 oz.
.07 of an ounce included. You figure it out. Crazy that this is enough for a full bottle of full strength cleaner AND a full bottle of window cleaner. Freaky. 
7) Organic Fruit Snacks by Tasty Brand
Retail price: $29.95 for 30 bags
1 bag included - $1 value

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