Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Face :-)

It's a good day when everything works! I went out on a limb yesterday to try three new products all at once (well, not new to the market, just new to me). I was thrilled across the board, making it a banner day :-)

Stila One Step Foundation

One Step Make Up Foundation - # Fair by Stila for Women - 1 oz Foundation
It's primer, foundation, concealer AND powder all in one! I was seriously like WOWEE ZOWEE! A bottle is $44, but when you consider that's about the cost of a high end foundation alone plus you're saving money by replacing four products with one..... No brainer. I saw some reviews where people found it drying, so maybe it's not for overly dry skin, but on my combination skin I had no problems. Goes on like silk and your skin feels velvety for hours. My face still looked good when I went to take it off before bed, and it blends so well that I almost forgot I was wearing makeup, it just looked like I had perfect skin. That's when I knew I had makeup on! Ha Ha! It makes your pores and fine lines just disappear.

Bliss Eau De Toilette 50ml
Bliss eau de toilette is available directly from Bliss, but you can get it on Amazon and Ebay for half the retail price. It's fresh and clean and puts a spring in your step. I smell a lot of cucumber and lily of the valley. It puts me in mind of being on a beach with cool water and a warm breeze. Perfect for summer. I was at work where  it's always hot as an oven, and the scent had an aromatherapy effect on me of making me feel cooler. I just wish it lasted a little longer, but it did stick around for quite a few hours.

Benefit high beam is called "Supermodel In A Bottle" for good reason. It's amazing how much it illuminates your complexion! It's like having a candle beaming out from beneath your skin. Gives a beautiful dewy look that takes years off of your face and imparts a youthful glow. I was told that I "must have gotten a good night's sleep" when in actuality I'd gotten less sleep than normal and had to get up a few times in the night to let the new puppy out. Crazy multitasker, it can also be mixed with too matte foundation to mellow out it's harshness, used on the eyes to make them look brighter and put on the cupid's bow to make your lips look fuller. I'm not sure, but I think a bottle might last for like a freakin decade, it only takes a teeny bit.

Sephora has the awesome
Finding Mr. Bright kit, which includes the High Beam along with some of their other best sellers. Gawd, I love Benefit!
EXCELLENT demo of how to use the product

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