Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beauty Box 5 Vs Myglam- Fight!

 Beauty Box 5 is one of the newer beauty subscription boxes to pop up, and if this first shipment is any indication, they're one of 'em doing it right. The boxes ship mid month, so now is a great time to join to get the next box. They have three subscription levels, depending on if you're in for the long haul or if you're a commitment-phobe. Monthly is a $12 recurring charge, Quaurterly is a $30 charge and you save $6, and Yearly is $100 and you save $44. I'm happy enough so far that I'm considering cancelling my month to month and just going ahead with the yearly. 

The total value of all the samples received is $31.93
   A Comodynes self tanning toweletter, a Priti NYC nail polish remover pad, Pur-lisse soy cleanser and makeup remover, Weleda Iris Day & Night moisturizers, and a full sized organically made eye pencil from Lavera. All in all, a score!

My Glam, tsk tsk tsk. How damn cheap can you get? I mean, counting  packettes as counting towards the number of items included? Don't pee on my head and tell me it's raining. I had such high hopes, but this is the second disappointment in a row. Spoiler alert, I DID really like the box that followed, but that's a seperate post to come ;-)  I keep saying it, but really I think they'd be better off including more product instead of a dollar store makeup bag. How many of these do I need? It's cute enough I guess, but I'm running out of things to do with them and I cram WAY too much makeup into my purse for these to hold it.
 I did like the brush and case (and yes, they did please me by including more pieces in the set the next shipment). I read a lot of complaints that these smelled really off or chemically, but mine was fine. Not the most well made brush on the planet, but cute and good for toting around.
 But only one deluxe sample (a self tanner, which I can't use) and the rest the aforementioned packettes? And a "gift card" that requires me to spend money to use it (these should be called COUPONS, which is what they really are)? Sigh........ Like I said though, the next month was wildly superior. maybe they're starting to listen to all the blogger grousing!

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