Friday, May 11, 2012

Senua Gifts Review and Giveaway WE HAVE A WINNER!

CONGRATULATIONS STACY J! You've won a three month subscription to Senua's Soap of the Month Club!

I was first introduced to Senua Gifts via The Crafty Sampler. While carrying a number of different items, the majority fall into the handmade bath and body category. The variety in the soaps category is AMAZING! If you look under soap, there's FIFTY SEVEN choices! The majority of the products are vegan, so they're safe for everybody.

"I started this business because my daughter had skin problems....the prescriptions weren't helping. I started doing research on natural products and the business grew from there. She no longer has skin thanks to the doctors."

 I really like that you can get gift certificates, which is an awesome gift that lets folks personalize their choices. And speaking of personalization, there's also a handmade soap of the month club where at the beginning of each month you receive a soap tailored to the season and you can also get a subscription that will include an extra item, such as bath salts and lotion bars. Again, excellent gift! 

Speaking of excellent gifts, I'm in love with this particular concept. Soap party favors! What a great idea, especially for showers, bachelorette parties and even just keeping on hand for quick and easy hostess gifts. 
Right now there are 10% off instant coupons, so what an excellent opportunity to try out some awesome handmade products!

What have I tried out?

I'm a big fan of the laundry detergent. Wanna talk about economical? $4.00 (or $3.60 after the discount coupon) for enough to do 16 loads! Not only is it inexpensive, but also environmentally sound without all of the phosphates and chemicals that pollute the groundwater, irritate sensitive skin and wear down your fabrics. It even works in high efficiency machines! It did an excellent job cleaning even the tough stuff, like a towel that my puppy had pooped on :-)

I'm sorry, Mommy......

The Natural Shampoo Bar is soooooooooo good for your scalp! It contains tea tree oil, which is a natural anti-fungal. I've complained here before about my scalps propensity towards getting dandruff. After using this for one week, I am FLAKE FREE! Granted, I wash my hair daily, so that was a straight seven days using it, but I've never seen another shampoo give me those results. Glad I got a three pack! Another bonus is for those who travel, a solid shampoo bar avoids spillage!

But *gurgle gurgle* ahhhhhhh. The soap! Mama Mia! So silky smooth and it rinses incredibly easily. No soap scum, it made me literally squeaky clean (which should bode well for the tub as well). I got the Melon Mango Sugar With Aloe and the scent is absolutely lovely. A bit sweet, a bit fruity but not overwhelming or cloying. If a soap is too heavily scented, it can overwhelm me in the enclosed space of the bathroom (ahem, Bath & Body Works, I'm looking at you) and this is just right.

Along with the Melon Mango Sugar soap, I added on the solid lotion bar in the matching fragrance. It comes in a twist up, deodorant style applicator. Again, excellent for travel or even just for keeping in your purse. These are made with natural beeswax, so not vegan, please note. These work best when your skin is warm, or you've warmed the product up a bit, I find it applies best after I get out of the tub or shower or if I scrape off a bit and rub it between my fingers to emulsify it. I'm currently COVERED in bug bites from playing in the yard (with dogs and kids, that is) and I've been keeping this by the bed to rub into my bites at night so I don't itch and scratch myself raw. It keeps me itch free through the night. The combo of the soap and the lotion leaves my skin lightly scented all day, I can still smell the scent lightly gracing my limbs as I drift off to sleep.......

Marcy answered a few questions for me.....

How long have you been making your products?
I have been at this since 2006
Do you do this full time?
What else do you enjoy doing?
Auctions, antiques
What is your favorite of your own products and why?
The lotion Bars.
The lotion bars feel so good and last incredibly long. I even use the tea tree lotion bar as a deodrant stick.

I'm totally gonna have to try that with the lotion bar- that's an awesome idea!

So what's an awesome Mother's Day gift? Why a big ol' bundle of homemade soaps, a gift certificate so she can pick her own, or even an ongoing subscription! Heck, great gift for yourself for that matter, I promise not to tell your mom ;-)

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Courtney Tucker said...

I <3 Soap! Thank You! : )

Cynthia said...

Thank you Julie Ann for another super giveaway! I love handmade soap and especially lotion bars. They are to die for lol.
Have a sweet day!!

The Beauty Pirate said...

Good luck, ya'll! I can smell the light Melon Mango Sugar fragrance right now, since that's the soap and lotion I used this morning. I really wanna get a bar of the Dragon's Blood soap soon!