Monday, October 5, 2015

Dr. Stephanie's Relationship Repair for Couples: A Customer Service Approach for Minimizing Conflict and Creating Lasting Love in Your Relationships

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This is a practical direct action guide to relationship repair that really works! I don't know if it's years of customer service work but it really spoke to me in very understandable terms. Even the best relationships have problems and I know I'm guilty of not necessarily approaching problems in the ahem, smoothest of fashions. It's a long road, but I'm already seeing a difference in how utilizing these approaches are making our communication go a lot smoother and problems are being solved and even averted before they get out of hand. A great guidebook for even the best of relationships!

Imagine this: You are angry and have a Complaint for your Boyfriend, so you go to Straight to the Customer Service Counter he has for your relationship.  He services your complaint right away!  You feel loyal to him, valued, and madly in love!  (Unfortunately, we all know that this is not a typical Boyfriend/Husband response for many people's relationships!)

That's why Dr. Stephanie recommends that you and your partner Learn how to have a Customer Service Counter for your Significant Other™ which is what she calls a Relationship Repair Counter™ (RRC).
  • When you bring up a relationship complaint does your significant other get defensive and start to fight with you or completely shut down?
    Are you successful in your work relationships, but you struggle to have a happy, low-conflict romantic
    Do little problems in your love life turn into bigger fights than they need to?
    When your significant other makes a complaint, do you know how to react and vice versa?
    Do you stay calm when resolving a consumer or business dispute, but become disagreeable and angry when trying to resolve a problem with your significant other?
    Do you have the right service attitudes to have a successful, drama-free romantic relationship?

Profitable businesses teach attitudes and skills to effectively handle consumer complaints. In this book, you’ll learn how successful romantic partners have attitudes and skills that repair relationship complaints and problems. Relationship Repair for Couples will teach you how to effectively resolve conflict using a proven Relationship Repair Counter™ model. When couples apply these simple principles, they are addressing and fixing a primary predictor for relationship failure: unresolved complaints!

Teaching couples to solve typical marriage complaints at a 'Relationship Repair Counter' is not only a brilliant idea but a proven business strategy. This book is a fantastic new resource to build a 5-star marriage!
-Dr. John Curtis, Author of The Business of Love

About the Author

Stephanie Weiland Knarr, PhD, LCMFT, is a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, practicing in Metropolitan Washington, D.C. She has shared her expertise as a speaker at national conferences, and is a contributor to national magazines and professional journals. She brings the down-to-earth family values and work ethic from her farm upbringing in America’s Heartland to her family therapy business. She lives with her husband and three children in Maryland.

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