Wednesday, October 14, 2015

An incredibly affordable Second Flush Darjeeling Tea-Organic, Fair Trade

Second Flush Darjeeling Tea-Organic, Fair Trade from the SINGBULLI ESTATE. Premium Black Tea- Most Unique Beverage with Amazing Scent & Delicious Taste - (100 Grams or 3.53 Oz) This tea not only looks absolutely beautiful prebrewing but once you've made a cup with it it's even more gorgeous. It has a luscious bouquet that made my mister even comment on how good it smelled. The taste is a perfect blend of black tea with a hint of floral and it doesn't have that tinny bitterness that some black teas can have. I love that it's organic and that its free trade and knowing how incredibly fresh it is makes it even more of a bonus. They actually give you the date that it was picked on the bag! 

Singbulli is known to produce world famous muscatel rich teas of the clonal grade. 

This Darjeeling estate is located at an altitude ranging from 400 to 1350 meters and is spread beautifully across nine hills. 

With over 500 hectares under plantation, Singbulli manufactures some of the best Darjeeling teas for which it is sought after by connoisseurs for decades now. 

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