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Earth Day Conscious Box With Product Reviews

Once again I'm going to rave about Conscious Box, a monthly subscription that helps the consumer wade through the eco friendly waters. There's so many options out there that it can be overwhelming, and Conscious Box gives you a monthly sampling to see what you like (or don't) out there, saving you time, money and frustration. It's $19 a month unless you do a 3 month or one year subscription, which will save you some bucks. I need to switch over to a one year since I've been getting it for over a year and have no intentions of going anywhere! While you're generally not getting some MASSIVE huge bargain, that's not the point of this sampler, you truly are being introduced to things that you will want to incorporate into your life that you might otherwise have never been exposed to. I say this as someone who tries to really purchase using an ethical, sustainable eco friendly mindset, that might not be you or your bag, but if it is- Conscious Box is a monthly box of sunshine!

I was asked on my You Tube channel, so I'll add it here- my jewelry is by Marsbar Jewelry and my martini swilling pink elephant dress is from Pinup Girl Clothing

Planet Dishwashing Soap
Dude! It actually works! I've always shied away from natural dish washing liquids because I found that I had to use half the freakin bottle to get the dishes clean- they just didn't cut the mustard. Well this has changed all that. It actually seems to take LESS than the standard commercial liquid and it's so easy to rinse- no residue at all! What makes it super awesome is that it's biodegradeable- no phosphates or funk going in to the water table- it breaks down into completely natural, harmless components. And because it's all natural, it also doubles as a fruit and veggie wash!!!! Two thumbs up. I am ASTOUNDED that Whole Foods doesn't carry them.
Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

Glob Natural Paint - the one thing I haven't used- just haven't found a reason to whip up a batch of  water color paint. If I only have one color, what should I do with it? Any suggestions? I'm always looking for a cool craft or art idea.

Cloud 9 Raw Chocolate Fudge
This isn't a sweet sugary fudge, it's a true deep cocoa flavor. Creamy and rich with a ton of depth. Made with raw chocolate, it's packed with antioxidants and will give you a (believe it or not!) healthy boost to get you over the hump.
Original Raw Chocolate Fudge

Earth Friendly Products WOW!!!!!! This stuff is incredible! I was pretty skeptical, but I put it to the test and it came through with flying colors. I used it to clean the soap scum covered sink and lord knows what covered toilet in my downstairs bathroom. It not only did an awesome job, but I used next to none of it, it got everything with very little product used. It has a very fresh smell that was perfect for using in such a cramped space (our downstairs bathroom was an add on put in underneath the staircase.) This really works!

Juice Beauty
I LOVE me some Juice Beauty. It's cool to see a somewhat big name brand wanting to be included in the CB. Juice Beauty really does a great job of making products that are not only natural and environmentally packaged, but are also just as good as anything by Elizabeth Arden. This is the sensitive skin version of their famous green apple peel. I don't know how my skin would react to the regular strength, but for my somewhat sensitive skin, this is perfect. If you look at the reviews on Ulta, it's got a 4.5 out of 5! Made with certified organic ingredients, it exfoliates, tightens pores, reduces fine lines and lightens hyperpigmentation. It REALLY works. It REALLY works REALLY well. My pores become nonexistent and it really DOES reduce fine lines! I saw immediate results, but after a few uses it's downright astonishing. Until you know how your skin is going to react, I would not use this at the start of your day or before going out, it makes my skin pretty red for a few hours afterwards, and you really shouldn't have sun exposure after doing a peel anyway. You will feel a slight burning, but nothing horrific, it's just the citric acids eating all the dead crap off of your face. And I have to say how amused I am that a blogger complained about this saying she didn't know why it was called a peel when you have to rinse it off instead of peel it off :-) Wow, way to keep up with the lingo, there...... (sorry, that sounded catty)

Green Apple Peel Sensitive

Climb On!
Not for vegans as the main ingredient is beeswax. (I am a card carrying carnivore, just thought I'd point that out.) An all purpose healing balm for chapped skin, cracked knuckles, diaper rash, burns, etc. I am the PERFECT person to test out stuff like this since I'm the clumsiest person to draw breath. It's a good product, but because of the super high levels of beeswax, I found it a bit difficult to soften up, I had to scrape it off with my nail then warm it up, it didn't apply directly very well. I had just burned the peenucky out of myself when I got this, and it did a good job protecting my skin, especially after the blister opened, it provided a good buffer between the burn and the bandage and kept the area from getting crusty or scabby. I am amazed that I didn't scar worse than I did, so I guess this product did what it claims to!

All Natural Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent I decided to put this to the ultimate test. Is it effective yet gentle? I used this on a load of underthings. I live in Texas. It is summer. I get hot and sweaty. My lacies need to be washed on delicate in cold water so they don't fall apart. Would this get them clean and fresh AND be soft and gentle and effective in cold water? Well, color me impressed, because YES, YES, and YES! I even threw in a bra that my dog thought would be fun to play with after coming in out of the rain that had muddy paw prints on it. A WHITE bra. My stuff smelled fresh and clean but the detergent itself is totally unscented. I'm wearing the dog paw bra right now and it is sparkling white and also feels very soft against my skin. Hoorah! Two thumbs up!
From their website:

All Natural Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent
The most important things that I can tell you about this detergent are: works, does not contain borax or washing soda, is gentle enough for babies and sensitive skin, is strong enough for all your laundry, only uses one tablespoon per load for HE Washers and only 2 tablespoons for top load washers, is safe for septic systems, has a built in fabric softener, is completely natural and made with the earth in mind, works with hard or soft water.
Each bag is enough for 32 loads (HE Washers) and 16 loads (Top Load Washers).

Castile Soap, Natural Oxidizing Agent, Baking Soda, Citric Acid

The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt well, what can I say? It was salt. I sprinkled some on a soft boiled egg and my husband used the rest in his nasal cleaning routine. Can really give much of an opinion, other than to say that is very finely ground, so it dissolves quickly.
Fine Granulated Himalayan Crystal Salt

Oogie's Gourmet Popcorn
Crack, popcorn. Tomato, tomahto. This made my mouth EXTREMELY happy with me. Look at these flavors! I thought Me and The Husband were going to come to blows over this. Luckily I discovered they sell this drug at a number of my local grocery stores. YAY!

Snacking just got better.
From their website:
"Seedballz® are a method of growing seeds by encasing them in a mixture of clay and compost which release nutrients and protect them from drying out in the sun, getting eaten by birds, or blowing away in the wind.
SeedBallz® are a proven formula of all-natural ingredients. Each ball is loaded with seeds that germinate inside with watering and sunshine."
They're hand rolled by adults with disabilities, making them doubly awesome by providing work and self esteem to those who are developmentally challenged. These little balls not only make it easy to plant in your garden, but are also a great way to do some urban guerrilla gardening. Another thing I was thrilled to see is sold in my fair city, I think I might start keeping a handful of these around for 'just because' gifts. 

Natural Joy Beauty Lauren Brooke Cosmetics Colour Fusion Lip Glaze
ColourFusion Lip Glaze by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques   Surprisingly pigmented! A lovely color and very soft and soothing on the lips. I put this on when my lips were chapped and not only did they loko great, but after a few days using it, my lips were in MUCH better condition.

Groovy Planet is an absolutely AWESOME idea. "Groovy Planet is a monthly delivery of theme-based, fun, educational surprise packages—or kits, as we call them—for your child to learn and get excited about anything and everything fair trade, recycling, conservation, volunteering and the planet. 
We've only got one planet, and you've only got one child—why not help make the best of both?
Groovy Planet is the parent's creative way to help your child think critically, become a conscious citizen of our planet, develop his or her values, enhance his or her understanding of the world, and, most of all, have fun while doing it.

After all, what child doesn't like a surprise box coming in the mail just for them?"

What a great concept! The themes change each month, so it covers everything from literacy to the rainforests. I am SOOOOOO telling my friends with kids about this, and I'm pretty sure that a  certain little niece is getting a subscription for her birthday :-) 

Man, this box just knocked it out the park. These things were DELISH! They make a big deal out of how they're a surfing snack for surfers which I think is a bit silly, but there's no denying these things splendifierousness. These are densely packed with nutrients, and the chocolate covered ones give you a balm for your sweet tooth without loading you up on empty calories- each snack is a whole banana's worth of nutrients squished into a teeny little snack package. An easy thing to carry around in your bag or keep in a desk drawer for when the need for a snack arises. Geez, looking back on all these yummies is making my tummy growl.....

I ADORE their packaging, but unfortunately there just wasn't enough in the teeny packette to tell if it did any good or not. It smelled delightful, and my ends where I applied it seemed quite soft, but I don't really want to make a recommendation based on that since I couldn't get the majority of my hair with it.
Sparklehearts Soft Conditioner
Team Green Nature Trading Cards
I don't exactly see a group of kids sitting in their clubhouse saying "I'll give you my Sockeye Salmon for your Monarch Butterfly" but they're an excellent educational tool and I could see these being especially helpful to home schoolers to make learning games with. I'll suggest these to my neighbor who might start home schooling her daughter soon.


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