Thursday, May 13, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things GIVEAWAY!

For the rest of the month of May I will be sponsoring a Beauty Pirate's Favorites giveaway! 

Entering is simple- leave a comment on this post with a way to get in touch with you. If you have a profile with your contact email that's fine, otherwise leave me your email (the winner of my last contest didn't leave her email and never got to claim her prize!). To avoid spammers, you can always type it as, for example "janedoe AT hotmail DOT com".  If I do not receive a response from the winner within 1 week, a new name will be drawn using

With each entrant, another item will be added to the booty, so if 30 people enter, there will be 30 items in the treasure chest! WOW! 

This contest is open worldwide. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON! 
Allrighty, then! That's the way it's done, my budros! Now I've got 3 items to add! See, I'm not so selfish after all....
Item #5 Sassy Minerals Fashionista Mineral Eye Shadow
And I said:

The picture does not do this stuff justice. i have used Sassy Minerals before, and their shimmers are so shimmery that the husband was fascinated by it. I rubbed some on my hands and we were mesmerized by the multihues sparkles it left behind. He even suggested I coat myself in it some time just for fun! (Okay, so we do get a little silly sometimes....) I see blues, greens, pinks, and silvers, making this a gorgeous color for almost any eye color. On me, the blue and green sparkles really make my blue green eyes go kapow. It's a really long lasting color and has little cheek fallout when you apply it (though somehow I do have little sparklys. I actually like to put it on my eyebrows as an unexpected brow shadow with a glam glitz. Twinkle twinkle little brows......
sassy minerals
Item #4 DDF Moisturizer travel size 
What I said then:
That thing I mentioned about using moisturizer for the day with SPF? I'm not kidding. Protecting your skin is the single most imortant thing you can do to stay gorgeous! I BEG OF YOU, please use sun protection! DDF, or Doctor's Dermalogic Formula Daily Protective Moisturizer is a great choice. It's a UV protectant with SPF but goes on light and nongreasy and doesn't interfere with makeup primer or foundation. I do receommend that you give it about 5 minutes to settle into the skin before applying your other products. It has 4 different types of sun filters, and lasts all day (provided you aren't swimming, playin' Wimbeldon, etc.) They claim it's fragrance free, but when you first put it on, it does smell like old-school sunblock which can be a bit disconcerting, but the smell fades almost immediately. I carry their travel size in my ready to go at all times facial travelin' bag.

Item #3 
A travel bar of Thalgo Exfoliating Soap
What I said then:
Thalgo Delicate Exfoliating Bar

I usually keep a separate facial cleanser in the shower since I don't like using regular soap to wash my face. Thalgo is the exception to the rule however. This mild exfoliating soap is wonderful on both the face and the body, with shea butter and natural seaweed extracts. It isn't so exfoliating that you feel like you're scrubbing yourself raw (in fact, the first time I used it, it was so soft I wondered if it was actually doing anything) but afterward your skin feels so clean and refreshed. It leaves me with that squeaky clean feeling without the soapy dryness. It's made in France, and apparently those Frenchies still know their beauty stuff! I've even read a review online from a man who's a mechanic who swears by it to keep his hands soft! It's got a clean, almost milky smell that doesn't cling to your skin, so you can use your normal scentsy stuff afterward and men can use it without feeling girly. Item #2 (yay! someone entered!) 
1 travel size Estee Lauder Splash Away Cleanser 
My busy day go-to! For when I want to clean my face but barely have the energy to turn on the faucet....
What I said then.....
"Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser is my go to for when I'm in a hurry and just want to clean up as quick as possible. It works especially well for those days when you're not wearing makeup or have on mineral makeup, it's not as effective at cleaning if you have on long wear makeup unless you use a washcloth, which negates the whole point of being splash away. Now if you do use a cloth, it'll get you squeaky clean, but I like that I can just splash some water on my face and be done. it rinses off extremely easily and doesn't leave a residue. This is also a favorite for starting my skin out in the morning to get off my sleep funk." 

ITEM #1 
Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic 100% Nontoxic Plant Chemistry Lip Delivery Nutrition
 (whew! say all that in one breath!). Not waxy and with penetrating moisture. I always like it when I can trust a lip product to be safe since I know I'll wind up eating 5 pounds of it. It has a slight tingly feel reminiscent of Carmex. I keep a tube of this next to the bed for my nightly balm needs. I will never buy a tube of Chapstick again. 
WHOA! I didn't know THIS- I just thought it was an awesome lip balm! According to the company:

"Product Description


Think about it—we ingest our lip products every time we lick our lips. One of the fastest ways we absorb substances into our blood is through sublingual assimilation. It only makes sense that we formulate all lip products with nutrition, rather than harmful synthetic ingredients, petrolatum, mineral oil or lead.
Our super-antioxidant Intellimune® Seed Oil Complex—an anti-aging, synergistic blend of black cumin, pumpkin, red grape, red raspberry and cranberry seed oils—comprises 20% of the total composition of our lip balm. The other nutritious food ingredients  are coconut, sunflower seed, castor seed and palm kernel oils. Lip Delivery Nutrition® — providing nutrition and antioxidants both externally and internally every time you lick your lips."

WOW, now I love it even more. SWEET.


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