Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Shoe Of The Month Club? Who'da thunk it? And now they have purses too!

Okay mom, you've been bugging me about it, so I'm finally posting the invitation link! And no, you do not have to be my mother to use it.

Seriously. This is one of the coolest concepts ever. These guys kick Columbia House's a**. This blew my mind when I first heard about it. You go on their site and take a quiz that comes up with an idea of your fashion style and what you're looking for. Then once a month, they send you 6 choices of shoes based on your preferences. You can also rate each shoe submitted in a number of categories from style to color to help them further define your future choices. If you don't want any shoes that month, you simply pick to skip that month. If you don't like the choices offered, you can tell them and they'll send you a new set of picks after asking you specific questions about what you want that month. Their shipping is lightning fast and I have been pleased as punch with every pair I've gotten from them. Their web site shows you photos for each shoe offering of celebrities wearing similar styles, a video of a model walking in them, and multiple photos from all angles to help you make your choice. They even come in a shoe bag to keep them lovely and paired together. 
(In my case this is a blessing, as I'm the queen of shoe mislocation. I have been known to reach levels of near psychosis trying to locate a shoe's mate.) 

These are the shoes I've picked over the last few months, but don't be afeared- this is purely based on my own off kilter sartorial style, your offerings will be based on YOUR preferences. not everyone is a cross between a midget overcompensating for their height and a drag queen. Oh yeah, me and the silver shoes are planning on starting a family, we've been told we'll have lovely children.

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