Monday, October 21, 2013

Whoohoo! Avon and mark have an online outlet! + free shipping w/$30 purchase

Did you know that Avon has an outlet with discounts up to SEVENTY percent off? And it's not just makeup- here's some examples for ya, and what I'm prolly getting-

makeup Close Window this set of 4 self sharpening Glimmersticks? $3.99

skincareClose Window Anew Platinum Serum is $1.99!

bath & bodyClose WindowI've been using this stuff for over a decade, it goes on like a liquid and turns into a powder, keeping your feet nice and dry during a long day (and keeps you from stinking up your shoes!) Also is awesome on your thighs to keep them from rubbing together on a long walk or under the boobs to save yourself from bra chafing. Don't judge me, I'm a multitasker. Only $2.99!

fragranceClose Window The Fergie Collection Gift Set is only $9.99 and I am for sure getting this since I read that these are a guilty pleasure for a number of beauty editors and smell totally fab.

fashionClose WindowOriginally $60, now only $24.99!

home Close Window Call me crazy, but I'm thinking this necklace organizer might work better for me than my current method of utilizing doorknobs. The cats will be sad though.

children Close Window True, I do not have children, but do you know what happens when you love kids but don't have any? You wind up being a godmother 90 times over and with the 5,000 lil girls in my life, I can buy them these $12.99 rainboots and live vicariously through them, only crying on the inside a tiny bit because these don't come in my size. That hurt just to type that. I really want these for myself.

jewelry  Close WindowOoooooooh! Pretty....... Only $5.99!!!

holiday faves Close Window And this thing? BRILLIANT. 

And it's not just Avon, but mark. products as well? Oh lordamighty. I'm in trouble now....... It IS the perfect thing to stumble across with the holidays looming though- I can see my mom totally oohing and aahing over this bejeweled mark. brush, not realizing I only paid $8 for it! (Mom, if you're reading this, it was actually $27, okay?)

Close Window

Fall for Outlet Savings Up to 70% off + Free Shipping on $30!

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