Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simply Shop 323

Unique, Affordable & Customized to You!
 Simply Shop|323 is one stop shopping for handmade goodies. After receiving some items from them in a sampler, I decided to check them out. Needless to say, I wound up buying a number of items!  They have everything from candles, melts, purses, bath products, to stunning and affordable jewelry. I get tons of compliments on the absolutely adorable purse I bought (which was exceedingly well made, might I add). 

What can you expect in Gigi's store? Here's just a few examples...

Grumpy Buttah! That cracks me up! 
This is a lavender sachet! How adorable! 
Positivity candles reveal a tiny keepsake inside when they're burned.

This bag is absolutely gorgeous, in my humble opinion. I love the Vera Bradley style prints. 

oh, but the jewelry, oh my.......Here's just a few of of my favorites.
This necklace (The Gracie - I love that she names her pieces) gives the illusion that the beads are floating on your neck.
Forest Cluster earrings
Coppertone (can you tell I like the earthy colored stuff/ hey, I did say these were MY favorites, not necessarily yours!)
Citrus Bloom bracelet (probably my absolute favorite!)

Chocolat Blues
The Trivecta bracelet is my 2nd favorite, I love the subtle interplay between the different types of metals. 

Gigi also has a blog  where she talks about her inspirations for her pieces and an Etsy shop to boot.

So go ahead, check it out, and tell her The Beauty Pirate sent ya!

Simply Shop323

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