Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Crafty Sampler

 The Crafty Sampler  is a monthly handcrafted goodies sampler (which everyone by now knows I am NUTS about!) that goes on sale the first of every month. To contribute to the sampler, the minimum amount is simply 20 pieces, which will also get you advertising on the web page. They have 2 size boxes available, a small box with about 10 items for only $12.00 or the larger box with 11-20 items for a mere $18.00. In the U.S. the price also includes shipping! If you visit the Facebook page, you can keep up with current giveaways, like right now they're doing a giveaway for a small sampler box!

So what kinds of things will you find in a typical Crafty Sampler? Here's the contents of a previous sampler I received.

Mary Ellen's Crafts Crocheted Dish Scrubbies are super. They are crocheted from nylon netting and are Teflon safe. They work as well as steel wool without the harshness and because they're nylon, they stay clean and last FOREVAH. They work equally well on my antique cast iron tub and on my plastic shower curtain, leaving everything clean with ease.

Fragrant Flickers (319-899-0772) does not currently have a web site, which is unfortunate, as the Hibiscus & Thai Palm Large Wickless Candle Tin that I received is a pure delight. They do sell at retail locations throughout Iowa, so keep your eyes open if you're in those parts- but for the rest of us, if you want to try out an amazing candle, give 'em a call and place an order over the phone. Now I'm inspired to buy a candle warmer.... (wickless candles are different from tarts in that they melt differently and stay in the container- less chance for mess than with a standard tart burner). If anyone has suggestions on a good place to look at candle warmers, lemme know!

Letitia Essentials
'Ugly Soap" is a huge chunk of thick, rich, heady natural soap that smells absolutely incredible.
"This soap is made for sensitive skin with Oatmeal, Honey, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Herbs, Milk and/or other natural organic combination. My exfoliating soap is also organic using Corn Meal, Salt, Sugar or other natural exfoliates. Some of the soaps are scented, others have their own natural aroma that is earthy and mild. One thing is for sure... they are all UGLY! Whatever your taste, these are very fine natural handmade soaps made here in the USA in a little shop right in the backyard behind my home. If you just want a natural creamy lather that leaves you clean and moisturized then this is the soap for you. Even my herbs are grown in my little herb garden without the use of pesticides or artificial anything... we even have the horses that make some of the best fertilizer you have ever used! Try our soaps or any of our products today."

And their Brown Sugar Scrub has me excited, since I adore body scrubs. The scrub is really cheap too, especially considering how concentrated it is.
"My Brown Sugar Scrub is made with all natural ingredients including brown sugar, pure cane sugar, olive oil, hibiscus petals, rose petals, oatmeal plus other things to make you feel smooth and moisturized. Most customers have said that it works wonderful on their feet to soften the rough dry skin we all sometimes get. A little of this scrub goes a long way and you will 
get your money's worth!"

Sweet Treat Bakery Candles sent in an ENORMOUS and RIDICULOUSLY fragrant Cinnamon Red Hots candle. I don't know that I even need to ever burn it, just leaving it sitting out unwrapped, the scent fills the room better than many scent tarts do when actually heated! It super duper cute, too, made to look very cake like with big hearts dotting the top and a charming bow tied around it's adorably curled wick. This would be an excellent hostess gift.

Anam Cara Candles Soy Tarts in Very Vanilla, Jack Frost, Green Apple, Baby Powder smell scrumptious! These are triple scented, so they melt super quickly and have a more intense scent than some other lines. I love that they melt and spread their scent almost immediately upon putting them in the tart warmer.

Senua Gifts 
sells everything from bath and body products to candles to shopping totes! i really like their line of Reiki energy candles. In this sampler, they included a Jasmine incense cone (I like to burn actual incense when I do my yoga, it seems to help me concentrate.)

SBS Teas sent in an Orange Roobios Tea sachet and at this point I think it would be downright redundant of me to tell you what I think of these guys! Let's just say I have a full bag of this in a loose form and drank a cup with dinner last night.

Primitive Kountry
sent in some deeply aromatic wax melties, a Brown Sugar Fig Meltie and 2 Pink Diva Mimi Melties. These smell so good that I put the paper bag they were in into one of my drawers to give some fragrance to my undies! The Brown Sugar Fig one even got my husband's attention, and he rarely even notices stuff like that, let alone comments on it!

AngelWings2Ltd bath salts have a soft clean smell, like fresh laundry or sun warmed cotton. I've purchased from them before, a set of really well made crocheted face scrubbies.

Many of these sellers are active in the metaphysical community, so you may not have heard of some of them, but I really enjoyed getting to try out items from less known artisans. From old favorites to new ones, this is another great opportunity to see what's out there in the land of handmade!

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