Friday, April 6, 2012

Sampler Village Hugs And Kisses- MWAH!!!!

Sampler Village is always a big ol' lovefest, and the Hugs & Kisses box brought love to a whole new level....... Get your own box, and let 'em know The Beauty Pirate sent ya! Oh! And be sure to check out their awesome Facebook giveaway page!

If you're a seller and are interested in having me review any of your items, just drop me a line, I love promoting handmade businesses!

In my box was the following:

Since I put my earrings on when making the video, I have since then misplaced them. Here is a photo of their work that is quite similar in style.

Crafted by Minz
Savory Favors
Gettin Lippy
Southern Cross Candles
Hope's Sweet Party Favors
Heather's Teas
BKD Signature
Practical Alchemy Soaps
Skinny Dip Soaps
Mommy You Soap it
The Scented Princess
The Gingerbread Cupboard
Suzy's Scent Shop
Kitty Crossbones
A Penny For Your Thoughts
Orange County Candles

Soaps 'n Stuff
Girl Nature
Case 32
Herban Luxe
Farm Hussy
Sweet Light Candle Co
Forgotten Fortune
Crabby Candle Co.
Oh Soy Sweet
Mayfinn Farm Soap & Sundries
Earthern Magic Essence
Bonny Bubbles
Soap That Makes Scents
Frawgz Dezignz
Sticker Brat
rj charms
Long Cane Primitives
Soap Cafe
Honey Bear Soaps
Olive It ...   (sorta opened it and ate the chocolates before I took a picture. Oopsie!)

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